Two Leaves and a Bud - What's in a Name?

One thing we’ve always loved about our company name is how just mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to an informative conversation about tea, its origins, where it’s grown...

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Chai-chada! - an authentic Mountain High Chai-spiced horchata

The horchata we know of today has very ancient roots in North Africa where it was originally made from tiger nuts, spices and milk.  From...

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How to froth like a barista in 7 steps. Everything you need to know to make delicious tea lattes at home!

We may be tea geeks, but we’re not against adding milk to our tea now and then. Having recently discovered what our CEO called the...

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Powdered latte mixes -vs- liquid concentrates

Tea Nerds know best, that is why we swear by using powdered tea latte mixes instead of liquid concentrates.   Here's why:   SMALL PACKAGE/BIG...

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Caramel Apple Chai

1T  Two Leaves Nice Chai tea latte mix 8 oz milk of milk alternative Two pumps of Apple Syrup Whipped cream Caramel sauce In a...

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chai recipe

Cinnamon Bun Dirty Chai

Cinnamon Bun Dirty Chai Great hot or iced! 1T Two Leaves Nice Chai tea latte mix 1 oz Monin Cinnamon Bun syrup 2 oz espresso...

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Coconut Chai-Colada

1T Nice Chai latte mix 8 oz coconut milk 1/2 T brown sugar 1 oz rum (optional) In a shaker, fill with ice, add coconut...

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green tea holidays matcha recipe

Matcha Swiss Roll Cake

This Matcha Swiss Roll Cake is variation of a classic and is a colourful and seasonal - an elegant finish to a holiday meal.  Using...

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Pumpkin Chai Latte

  1 tbsp Nice Chai tea latte mix 8 oz dairy of choice 1 pump of Pumpkin syrup or 2 tbsp pumpkin puree 2 oz hot...

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Kombucha 101: An easy guide to a home brew!

A lot of people take sugar with their tea, but what about sugar and bacteria? You’ve likely had this ancient and popular drink by the...

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