10 Nice Matcha drinks to delight your taste buds and spark your imagination!

Two Leaves and a Bud loves matcha and offers three types of matcha to chose from for the beverage that is perfect for you. 

Our signature blend, NIce Matcha is a premium, barista quality matcha latte blend.  It is mildly sweet with only 4g of sugar per serving, and mixes up quickly and easily - hot or cold!  This is the best option for those who love their lattes perfect everytime with little fuss.

Chef's Matcha is our most versatile matcha.  Unsweetened and with a bright green color, Chef's matcha is made of 100% Japanese, culinary grade matcha and offers the best value for those who love to bake, make smoothies and customized lattes.  Chef's Matcha pairs well with many syrups making it a sought after foundational beverage that can be completely customised to the desired sweetness.

The choice for the matcha purist is our Ceremonial Matcha.  This is the highest grade of matcha, 100% Organic Japanese, shade grown, first harvest.  Two Leaves makes it easy to make a perfect cup of matcha with the individual serving sticks containing 1.5g of matcha - simply add 8oz of water and whisk.

Matcha boasts a plethora of anti-oxidants, and generally has lower amounts of caffeine than coffee and matcha's caffeine is released more slowly in the body.    This makes matcha a healthy choice to start the day or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

For hot beverages, heat the milk or milk alternative and whisk into the matcha.  Add syrups or other toppings.

For cold beverages, add milk or milk alternative, matcha, flavors and ice into a beverage shaker and shake until blended.   Mix in a blender for a frappe'!

The versatility of matcha provides opportunities for many variations, uses and flavors.  Here are some of our favorite combinations.  Give them a try, and unleash your inspiration finding the perfect flavors for you!   

Here are 10 matcha flavor combinations we love - try them hot and cold! 

*  Vanilla Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + vanilla syrup or extract

*  Almond Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + almond syrup or extract

*  Tropical Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + guava syrup

*  Coconut Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + coconut syrup

*  Peppermint Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + peppermint syrup or extract

*  Lavender Matcha Latte - matcha green tea + milk + lavender syrup

*  White Chocolate Latte - matcha green tea + milk + white chocolate syrup

*  Matcha Lemonade - matcha green tea + lemonade

* Matcha Made in Heaven Smoothie - matcha green tea + almond milk + spinach + banana + pineapple + ginger.  Blend with ice.

* Mango Matcha Smoothie - matcha green tea + almond milk + mango + banana.  Blend with ice.  

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