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Discover our range of Matcha, from our delicious Nice Matcha latte mix to our traditional Ceremonial Matcha. There's even a refreshing Lemonade twist!


Nice Matcha

Just the right amount of sweetness and it's vegan, gluten and dairy-free! Find our why it's such a "nice" matcha.

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Traditional Matcha

Our Ceremonial matcha comes in convenient, single-serve to-go packs.

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Matcha with a Twist!

Our Matcha Lemonade will quench your thirst with the perfect harmony of matcha and lemonade! It’s tasty, refreshing, energizing, and super easy to make! 

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Hannah Paradise

Hannah is Two Leaves accounting manager and purchasing specialist.  She has worked with Two Leaves and a Bud for over 10 years so she knows and has tried all of our teas.  How does she start her day?  As someone very interested in healthy eating and lifestyle, Hannah has Ceremonial Matcha with soy milk to get her going in the morning.  She loves the low buzz and all the antioxidants of this high quality matcha. In her spare time, Hannah likes to get out in nature and hike as much as possible with her adorable 4 year old. Hannah is also a green thumb gardener extraordinaire, avid composter, and loves making preserves and canning to stock up for the winter months.

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We've got great news: your favorite teas are now available on subscription! Save 10% on your favorite teas with our new subscribe & save program. Best of all, you'll never run out of tea again!

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Kombucha 101: An easy guide to a home brew! 

A lot of people take sugar with their tea, but what about sugar and bacteria?  You’ve likely had this ancient and popular drink by the name of Kombucha.

This immortal health elixir dates back to 221 BC with artisanal recipes passing from family to family, eventually being consumed by the legendary emperor Qin Shi Quang of China. Kombucha was transported for sale and trade by merchants and travelers along the Silk Road, an ancient trade route that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia.


Get Naked!

Six of our best-selling teas are now available Naked! No extra packaging, just the yummy sachets. 50, yes five-zero sachets at a great price! All the whole leaf flavor with no extra packaging and no extra waste. Get naked!


Let's Break It Down

Compostable Packaging

We are particular not only about how our packaging looks and works to keep your tea fresh, but also how it breaks down and keeps packaging out of landfills. From the beginning, we chose to use tea sachets made from PLA, plant-based, compostable film.

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Giving back

Community in a Cup

We are privileged to live and work in a wonderful mountain environment. We feel part of this privilege is the responsibility to give back. In 2022, Two Leaves donated directly or in-kind over $6,500 towards local, Colorado, and National organizations. Our giving is focused on environmental responsibility, outdoor education and local youth efforts. 

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