Spring into Floral Flavors

Enjoy this season of renewal with the floral aromas and delicious taste of our herbal teas

Jasmine Tea - flavors of Spring

For many of us, our first taste of Jasmine tea was in a Chinese restaurant, when someone at the table asked for hot tea to accompany the meal. The server brought out a teapot and a number of small, handle-less ceramic cups. The yellow-green liquid poured into these cups was fragrant and had a few loose tea leaves in it, because it was prepared without a filter.

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Delicious little flowers: Organic Chamomile Tea

Following the tradition of great herbal teas, chamomile tea isn't just delicious, it's also healthy. From soothing the stomach to helping you get a better night's sleep, Organic Chamomile Tea is perfect for those tea drinkers looking to get a health boost out of what's in their cup.

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Get Naked!

Six of our best-selling teas are now available Naked! No extra packaging, just the yummy sachets. 50, yes five-zero sachets at a great price! All the whole leaf flavor with no extra packaging and no extra waste. Get naked!


Let's Break It Down

Compostable Packaging

We are particular not only about how our packaging looks and works to keep your tea fresh, but also how it breaks down and keeps packaging out of landfills. From the beginning, we chose to use tea sachets made from PLA, plant-based, compostable film.

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Giving back

Community in a Cup

We are privileged to live and work in a wonderful mountain environment. We feel part of this privilege is the responsibility to give back. In 2022, Two Leaves donated directly or in-kind over $6,500 towards local, Colorado, and National organizations. Our giving is focused on environmental responsibility, outdoor education and local youth efforts. 

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