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With the shorter days, it is the perfect time to get cozy with a cup of hot tea.  Explore Two Leaves and a Bud's flavors made for entertaining and gifting.

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5 ways to make entertaining easy this holiday season

Holiday Gifting

Time to get a jump on the holiday gift list and don’t forget tea makes a fabulous hostess, office or thank you gift.

Fifteen gift ideas for $50.00 or less! 

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Getting Gift-TEA with Two Leaves and a Bud in 2023

If you’re anything like we are, dear tea lovers, you love giving gifts to the special people in your life, but you have become leery of what has become two full months of lead-up to the gift giving season. Face paint from your epic Halloween costume may still be littering your bathroom counter, but the seasonal aisle at your grocery store is suddenly dripping with tinsel, twinkle lights and mugs in the shape of Santa’s head. It’s enough to make you briefly wonder if your Halloween celebrations were so good that you Rip Van Winkled your way through November.


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Six of our best-selling teas are now available Naked! No extra packaging, just the yummy sachets. 50, yes five-zero sachets at a great price! All the whole leaf flavor with no extra packaging and no extra waste. Get naked!


Let's Break It Down

Compostable Packaging

We are particular not only about how our packaging looks and works to keep your tea fresh, but also how it breaks down and keeps packaging out of landfills. From the beginning, we chose to use tea sachets made from PLA, plant-based, compostable film.

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Giving back

Community in a Cup

We are privileged to live and work in a wonderful mountain environment. We feel part of this privilege is the responsibility to give back. In 2022, Two Leaves donated directly or in-kind over $6,500 towards local, Colorado, and National organizations. Our giving is focused on environmental responsibility, outdoor education and local youth efforts. 

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