Black Tea

All tea, including green, black and oolong come from the same plant- the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is made from leaves that have been oxidized. After being hand plucked, withered, and laid out to wilt for several hours, the leaves are then rolled. This is critical to prepare the leaves for oxidation (fermentation) where the leaves are ruptured, and the enzymes are exposed to oxygen. Black tea gets its color and character as a result of the fermentation process.

Delicious, nuanced, astringent, tannins, smooth, our black teas are luxurious on their own to start your day or finish it with a decadent dessert, and are bold enough to stand up to a bit of milk and sugar as well.

We Are Notoriously Picky About Tea

Two Leaves and a Bud is notoriously picky about sourcing only organic, whole leaf black tea that provides delicious, yummy flavor! Our black teas are sourced in India where the varied terrain produces a variety of black tea flavors. From intense heat and humidity that gives a bold, rich flavor, to hilly terrain with cool mountain temperatures that generate a subtle astringency, the differences in sunlight, wind and soil quality has an instant impact on the flavor of the tea itself.

We demand a lot from a cup of tea and now that you’ve found us, you can too!  

How to Brew Black Tea

Black teas have the highest tolerance for water temperature, ideally between 205-212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep for 4-5 minutes.  

Health Benefits of Black Tea

While not normally recognized for their healthful properties, black teas like our Organic Assam and our Organic Darjeeling feature a number of benefits. Those include high flavonoids for heart health; polyphenols, which are a source of antioxidants; and catechins and tannins, which can improve oral health.

Let's Break It Down

Did you know that Two Leaves and a Bud tea company is unique in that our sachets and envelopes are compostable? Two Leaves has painstakingly sourced only plant-based packaging materials so the full flavor stays in your cup and out of landfills.  


5 healthy chai benefits

Two Leaves and a Bud’s name for Mountain High Chai took inspiration from the Colorado mountains around us and the regions in India where the spices and Assam tea of this health benefiting drink originated. The spices in our Organic Mountain High Chai tea are as delicious as they are full of health benefits.

Awesome Assam, and We Mean It!

Assam tea is known for its rich flavor and beautiful amber color. But beyond that unique maltiness, Assam tea truly is awesome; you may not be aware of it, but while you’re enjoying a cuppa’ Assam tea, that very tea is working wonders on your body! Read on to discover the awesome health benefits of Assam Tea.

Organic Darjeeling Tea: A distinctive black tea

Sourced from the mountainous region of Darjeeling, India (elevation varying from 2,000 – 8,000 feet), Darjeeling black tea is also one of the more interesting teas to learn about. The hilly terrain and cool mountain temperatures have an instant impact on the flavor of the tea itself.