Turmeric Winter Remedy

Need a natural immunity boost?  Turmeric and Lemon are two powerful natural ingredients to boost your immune system and mood this winter.  Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties and lemon’s antioxidants combine in...

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Two Leaves and a Blog

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London (White) Hot Chocolate

[PROD]london-fog-earl-grey-tea-latte-mix[/PROD]10oz milk or milk alternative of your choice ½ oz Monin dark or white chocolate sauce 1T London Fog, Nice Latte powder (or ¾ T...

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chai holidays recipe

Apple Chaider

[PROD]just-right-chai-latte-mix[/PROD] 10 oz apple cider 2 oz hot water 1/2 tbsp Just Right Chai Whipped cream & caramel drizzle for optional topping Whisk Just Right...

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Getting Gift-TEA with Two Leaves and a Bud

If you’re anything like we are, dear tea lovers, you love giving gifts to the special people in your life, but you have become leery...

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Does This Tea Have Caffeine In it?

All tea has caffeine.  (As long as what you’re calling “tea” is the same as what we’re calling “tea.”)  Is that about as clear as...

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7 Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

The best Earl Grey teas begin with high quality full black tea leaves, which get their legendary flavor from natural bergamot oil - oil from...

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tea health benefits turmeric

Turmeric: root for this superfood!

Nutritional fads may come and go — Snackwells fat-free cookies, anyone? — but when the word “superfood” starts getting thrown around, there’s usually a pretty...

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Holiday Spirit Cocktail

Do you love cozying up with a warm —and festive— drink in hand? If you answered yes, we have the drink for you! This cocktail is easy to make...

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Awesome Assam, and We Mean It!

Assam tea is known for its rich flavor and beautiful amber color. But beyond that unique maltiness, Assam tea truly is awesome; you may not...

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Delicate but mighty: Help save the Western Monarch Butterfly

As you may already know, we are a small, independent tea company located in the Rocky Mountains, just down the road from Aspen, Colo. We...

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