What's Brewing? Tea+Beer!

What’s brewing at Two Leaves and a Bud? We’re glad you asked! How about a cold, frosty glass of “Two Leaves and a Hop,” the latest beer on tap at Capitol Creek Brewery in Basalt, CO.

You know that we are all about tea, so what is the connection with Capitol Creek Brewery? The Head Brewer, Mat Johnson, recently concocted a pretty spunky Farmhouse Saison with our Organic Tropical Green loose leaf tea. 

Saison stems from the French word “season." Historically, farmers in southern Belgium brewed beer for themselves and their seasonal workers, also known as Saisonniers. Each family would brew their Saison’s differently, utilizing their own farmed or locally grown herbs, spices, barley and other grains. Mat, who has already brewed 15 unique beer styles since beginning the job in December of 2022, thought to himself, “Why not try a Farmhouse Saison using a local company who sources awesome tea?” 

When designing Two Leaves and a Hop Farmhouse Saison, Mat utilized a traditional grain bill of barley, wheat, and spelt. Fruit-forward American and European hops were added in the kettle and fermenter to compliment the tropical notes of the tea. After the beer was complete, Mat brewed a triple tea concentrate and blended it into the beer in-line on the way to the packaging tank. The beer was then carbonated and kegged. 

From start to finish the process took two months. Four pounds of tea was used in making this Farmhouse Saison. Two Leaves and A Hop made its debut over Memorial Day Weekend and it’s a hot-ticket pour. Around 1,200 pints will be poured until this keg kicks! 

If you live in, or plan to visit Colorado this summer why not come visit the Roaring Fork Valley and taste our Two Leaves and a Hop!  

(We love our local community and love sharing our love of tea and widening our Community in a Cup through collaborations, partnerships, support and just good ole volunteering.  Read more about Two Leaves and a Bud's Community in a Cup.)


Read more about the Two Leaves and a Hop launch party, here.

P.S. - If you are into brewing, then this section is for you!  

See Mat's brewing notes below:

Brewing beer is a craft that requires sound process, technique and creativity. When brewing Saison you want to mash low in temperature (148F) to encourage a fermentable wort. Saison is typically brewed with Pilsner malt, Wheat, Spelt, Rye and any other grains historically grown on the farm. Try 45% Canadian Pilsner malt, 45% German Pilsner malt, 5% Wheat, and 5% Spelt or Rye. 

Boil for 90 minutes. 

You have an endless selection of hops to choose from. We utilized American grown Strata and El Dorado and German grown Huell Melon. These paired nicely with the Two Leaves and A Bud Tropical Green Tea. We added a small bittering charge and one aroma addition 10-minutes before the end of the boil. The rest of the hops were reserved for the dry hop. 

We utilized a Belgian-Saison yeast strain and fermented at 82F. After the fermentation was complete we dry hopped the beer and conditioned it at 40F for a week before transferring to the packaging tank for blending and kegging. 

The tea was made separately and blended into the beer on the way to the brite beer tank. Try 5-10% tea to beer to start. 

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