Vanilla Bean Peach Tea Float

A lazy summer drink for a long weekend - perfect for young and old alike!
4 peaches - skinned, pitted, and cut into wedges
¾ cup boiling water
¼ cup sugar
2 bags unconventional black iced tea
Fresh squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste, or extract
Sparkling water
Peach or Vanilla Ice Cream
*  Boil water and turn off heat. Add sugar and tea bags, cover, and steep for five minutes.
*  Remove tea bags and let water cool.
*  Puree the peach wedges. Add fresh squeeze of lemon, vanilla, and tea. Blend until smooth.
*  Strain the puree, pressing remaining solids to extract all juice. 
*  Spoon the puree into glasses. I used stemless wine glasses and this made four. 
*  SLOWLY cover with sparkling water (it will fizz - go SLOW!). Stir gently. 
*  Add a scoop of vanilla or peach ice cream.  Garnish with sprig of mint.


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