Two Leaves and a Bud - What's in a Name?

One thing we’ve always loved about our company name is how just mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to an informative conversation about tea, its origins, where it’s grown...

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Two Leaves and a Blog

caffeine chai recipe tea latte

Coconut Chai

With warm weather on the horizon, we're dreaming of coconuts, pineapples and sandy beaches. Whether you're going on spring break or curling up inside, this fun...

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recipe tea health benefits turmeric

Turmeric Winter Remedy

Need a natural immunity boost?  Turmeric and Lemon are two powerful natural ingredients to boost your immune system and mood this winter.  Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties...

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recipe tea latte turmeric

Maple Turmeric Cider

Spice up a hot cider with a boost of turmeric!   The maple syrup and the ginger in the our turmeric mix provides extra deliciousness.  Easy...

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chai holidays recipe

Egg Nog Chai

Festive and delightful, this egg nog chai is perfect to entertain and for those treat yo'self moments during the holiday season. Add cognac or rum...

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holidays matcha recipe

Grinch Blended Beverage

Because grumpy grinches need extra love, we dedicated two drinks to them this holiday season. Nothing like white chocolate, whipped cream and matcha to turn...

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holidays matcha recipe tea latte

Brown Sugar Matcha Latte

Kick your daily matcha latte up a notch by adding brown sugar. This one simple extra ingredient makes all the difference on ice or warm. Sweet perfection....

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holidays matcha recipe

Minter Wonderland

White chocolate, peppermint and matcha- oh my! Sipping this drink will transport you to your personal wonderland. DIY with your milk of choice and garnish...

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holidays recipe tea latte

London (White) Hot Chocolate

Combining the best of both worlds of tea and dessert, this is a decadent twist on our London Fog latte. Choose dark or white chocolate...

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chai matcha recipe tea latte turmeric

Three Tea Chocolate Recipes

A Whole Latte Chocolate Remember that stretch of pandemic times, 2020, when it seemed like everybody out there (in their own homes) was baking bread?...

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