Two Leaves and a Bud - What's in a Name?

One thing we’ve always loved about our company name is how just mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to an informative conversation about tea, its origins, where it’s grown...

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Two Leaves and a Blog


Cup of Sunshine

8oz Tart Berry Iced Tea 2oz Apple Juice Combine and serve! Garnish with a slice of lime.

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Black Forest Iced Tea

1tbsp black tea leaves - either a strong brew from Assam or English Breakfast sachets or loose teas. 1/4 teaspoon cocoa powder 1/8 teaspoon ground...

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matcha recipe

Matcha, Cinnamon and Honey Smoothie

  1/2 cup dairy alternative 1/2 banana 1tsp cinnamon powder 1tbsp honey 1tbsp Nice Matcha 1/2 cup water Combine Nice Matcha and water with flat...

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recipe tea basics

How to brew the perfect glass of iced tea

Although we have plenty of fans who are happy to drink hot tea year-round, isn't it nice to know that you can also enjoy your...

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holidays matcha recipe tea latte

Irish Matcha Latte

Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner! Get prepared to celebrate with this fun and delicious green drink complete with Bailey's Irish cream and Jameson....

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holidays matcha recipe

Matcha Milkshake

Who would have thought that ice cream and tea make such a delicious pair?! We bring this matcha dessert to you just in time for...

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chai recipe

Mountain "High" Chai Cookies

John Denver solidified the mythical magic of Colorado with his song, “Rocky Mountain High.” There could be a couple interpretations of that song. There is...

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caffeine chai recipe tea latte

Coconut Chai

With warm weather on the horizon, we're dreaming of coconuts, pineapples and sandy beaches. Whether you're going on spring break or curling up inside, this fun...

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recipe tea health benefits turmeric

Turmeric Winter Remedy

Need a natural immunity boost?  Turmeric and Lemon are two powerful natural ingredients to boost your immune system and mood this winter.  Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties...

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