Two Leaves and a Bud - What's in a Name?

One thing we’ve always loved about our company name is how just mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to an informative conversation about tea, its origins, where it’s grown...

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Two Leaves and a Blog

chai recipe tea party

Coconut Chai-Colada

1T Nice Chai latte mix 8 oz coconut milk 1/2 T brown sugar 1 oz rum (optional) In a shaker, fill with ice, add coconut...

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green tea holidays matcha recipe

Matcha Swiss Roll Cake

This Matcha Swiss Roll Cake is variation of a classic and is a colourful and seasonal - an elegant finish to a holiday meal.  Using...

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chai holidays recipe tea latte

Pumpkin Chai Latte

  1 tbsp Nice Chai tea latte mix 8 oz dairy of choice 1 pump of Pumpkin syrup or 2 tbsp pumpkin puree 2 oz hot...

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#ice tea recipe tea party

Pink Paradise

An easy, delicious and indulgent drink for everyone - young and old alike.  (Barbie slumber party?  Backyard get together with the girls?)  Serve this up...

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beer collaboration green tea organic recipe Tropical green tea

What's Brewing? Tea+Beer!

What’s brewing at Two Leaves and a Bud? We’re glad you asked! How about a cold, frosty glass of “Two Leaves and a Hop,” the...

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recipe tea party

Vanilla Bean Peach Tea Float

A lazy summer drink for a long weekend - perfect for young and old alike! 4 peaches - skinned, pitted, and cut into wedges ¾ cup...

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Pina Colada Black Iced Tea

10oz black iced tea 1oz pineapple syrup Coconut milk - a splash, or more, to taste. Rum  - optional  Pour over ice mix.   Garnish...

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Strawberry Matcha Lemonade

1 oz strawberry puree (just blend strawberries until smooth) 10oz water 1 tbsp Two Leaves Matcha Lemonade Mix the Matcha Lemonade and pour over ice....

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Mint Lime Tea Cooler

Mint simple syrup (to taste, 1/2 tbsp) 6oz black Iced Tea (Assam, English Breakfast) Lime juice 4oz Sparkling water Combine ingredients and serve. Top with...

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