Creating Community in a Cup – Tea + Chocolate

At Two Leaves and a Bud, we are proud supporters of showcasing and partnering up with local businesses. We love our local community of the Roaring Fork Valley and partner with organizations here to support our mission of creating a community in a cup where everyone benefits.

We are stoked to highlight an up-and-coming chocolate shop and café local to our Roaring Fork Valley, Pollinator Chocolate. Pollinator is located in Carbondale, Colorado, a short 15 minute drive from our Two Leaves headquarters. 

Pollinator Chocolate is as notoriously picky as we are! Here’s what we love about them: Like us, they use compostable packaging and ensure their vendors have similar ethos. Plus, all ingredients are organic. We admire that everyone they hire is local, even the woman who painted the design on their interior floor is from the valley.

Not so surprising, but tea and chocolate are the perfect pair! Our big focus for February is our Alpine Berry tea. What makes up our proprietary herbal blend of Alpine Berry? Hibiscus, apple pomace, rosehip shells, sweet blackberry leaves, strawberry and raspberry flavoring, orange peel, and raspberry pieces. Romantic right? What better way to enjoy this bright cup but with a delectable piece of chocolate – or bar if you’re a chocolate connoisseur. 2023 calls for a, “treat yoself!” Let’s give chocolate the spotlight that it deserves for a moment.

Chocolate is derived from cacao, the finest part of the chocolate plant and is native to the tropics. Health wise, it can improve blood flow to the brain and the heart. In addition, cacao is one of the highest forms of magnesium in nature. Magnesium plays a critical part in energy production. Cacao, before diluted with milk and sugar, is a powerhouse of antioxidants; hence why it pairs so well with our Alpine Berry tea which also yields some big-guy punch in the antioxidant field.


One of the main ingredients in our Alpine Berry tea is the hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants. Hibiscus also supports liver health, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is responsible for the effortless flow of emotions as well as Qi – life force or vital energy – and blood. Where energy flows, energy goes – when looking at cacao and ingredients in our Alpine Berry tea, the magnesium in cacao and hibiscus in the tea both contribute to healthy energy levels. Good energy is what we are aiming for in 2023! 

Roses are red, violets are blue, Alpine Berry and Chocolate for two <3 But seriously, the antioxidants in this duo are going through the roof! Sips tea. Ah. Now for the delicious duo tasting notes.

 Woman tasting chocolate with pleasant look on face Woman tasting chocolate with pleasant look on face 

Pollinator houses cacao from five main regions: Ghana, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Tanzania. We tried each chocolate with our Alpine Berry tea, and here were the notes we collected: 

Ghana – Classic fudge flavor, great contrast with the Alpine Berry 

Zorzal (aka Dominican Republic) – Cherry notes, pistachio + sour cherry, complimentary to Alpine Berry 

Madagascar – Apples, cherry, fruity, most similar flavors with Alpine Berry 

Bolivia – Cherry notes, fruity chocolate, complimentary to Alpine Berry 

Tanzania – Bright, uplifting, elevated notes, which compliment those of Alpine Berry 

While there is no bad combination of tea and chocolate, for our specified highlight of Alpine Berry, the chocolate king and queen, Mark and Crystal, deemed Tanzania to be their favorite match. They loved the red fruits that the Alpine Berry hosts, the elevated notes that lift each other up, and the brightness of the marry up. 

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, or if you're the type to celebrate love any day of the year, we recommend visiting your local chocolate shop and stocking up to experience how lovely pairing tea and chocolate can be. Click here to shop Alpine Berry and click here to visit the Pollinator's website, and if you're local stop by their new café in Carbondale!

 Box of beautiful chocolates

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