Powdered latte mixes -vs- liquid concentrates

Tea Nerds know best, that is why we swear by using powdered tea latte mixes instead of liquid concentrates.   Here's why:  

SMALL PACKAGE/BIG IMPACT – ONE sleeve of Two leaves Nice Chai is equal to FIVE cartons of chai concentrate.  The environmental impact is huge.  Using a powdered mix, saves shipping costs, storage space in your business and reduces landfill waste. You use your own water, milk, and milk alternative  rather than shipping and storing all that liquid.  

one sleeve of Two Leaves Nice Chai makes the same number of drinks as five cartons of liquid concentrate

TASTE BARISTA QUALITY - Two Leaves uses real tea in our Chai, Matcha, and London Fog latte mixes, not tea flavorings.  Our lattes taste “real” (because they contain real tea, real spices and real extracts, not "flavourings)  and that translates to a better customer experience and more repeat business.

SHELF STABLE – Tired of throwing out half empty cartons of concentrate that have been opened too long?  With our latte powders, that is scenario does not happen.  Our powders stay stable and ready for use for up to one year.  Powders not only save shipping and storage costs, but reduce unnecessary food waste as well.  

VERSATILITY – Our latte powders are made to be mixed with the milk or milk alternative of your choice.  AND  because our mixes are low in sugar, you have a blank canvas to add syrups and other flavorings to make your own signature drinks.  This means you are in control of your end product.

HEALTHY – our latte mixes are not full of sugar, allowing the real  flavor of our teas and spices to shine, and they are vegan, giving you maximum flexibility with your beverage offerings for ALL of your customers. 

EASY to MAKE, 1-2-3 - Making a hot or cold latte from a powdered mix uses the same barista prep skills that your team is already using.  Measuring, mixing, steaming or shaking.  It really is not that hard to make a substantially better quality, better tasting drink. 

making a Two Leaves Nice Chai is easy in three steps.  Measure.  Whisk and Steam or Shake.  Serve


Why not give it a try?  

Better for your business, better for the environment, better tasting drinks and easy to make.  

Not convinced?  Be in touch, we'll send you a free sample and all the support you need to Unbottle your tea lattes!

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