Matcha Strawberry Lemonade

Jul 28, 2020

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Matcha Strawberry Lemonade

If you’re like us, you’ve used, and re-used, all of your summertime drink recipes by now. Or maybe you just enjoy cold drinks all year long. Don’t sweat it (we like our puns); here’s a fresh one for you.

Matcha Strawberry Lemonade (16 oz)


  • 1 heaping tbsp Nice Matcha
  • 4 oz hot (or at least warm) water
  • 8 oz strawberry lemonade (or regular lemonade is tasty too!) Our favorite lemonade is Santa Cruz Organic. Skip the instant lemonade for this recipe, please!
  • Ice


  1. Pour water and Nice Matcha in a shaker and whisk until clumps are gone.
  2. Add lemonade and ice, and shake.
  3. Pour (ice and all) into a glass, or strain over ice, leaving old ice in a shaker.
  4. Garnish with a strawberry (optional).


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