Organic Darjeeling Tea: Fearless, Complex, Tasty

Our CEO and Founder, Richard, loves Darjeeling tea, and it’s not a rare thing to see him creating his own blends of black teas in the office, searching for the perfect balance. It was only a matter of time until we discovered a Richard-original Darjeeling blend to share with you tea people. We can’t wait for you to taste it!

Organic Darjeeling TeaNot only have we fearlessly mixed flushes, but we have also combined leaves from different tea gardens. Darjeeling teas, even when they are plucked at the same time, vary in taste hillside to steep hillside, due to the differences in sun exposure. Our Organic Darjeeling Limited deftly balances these complexities, and the result is unique and tasty, if we do say so ourselves.This Richard-original was created with balance in mind. You’ll find both first and second flush tea leaves. The first flush, harvested mid-March on the tail end of a rainy season boasts of a light color, a mild aroma, and delicate astringency. The second flush teas are plucked between May and June, after the earth has dried in the summer sun. Second flush Darjeeling teas are less astringent and have a rounded, full flavor, as well as slightly darker "cup color" (color of the steeped tea in the cup).

Do us a favor when you brew yourself a cup of this organic blend: let us know what you think. What flavors do you detect? What characteristics stand out to you? We want to know! To get started, here’s a blog post that breaks down the nuances of tea tasting. And don’t forget your tea!


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