Organic Assam Breakfast

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This is a bold, select orange pekoe tea entirely from Assam — the premier black tea growing region of India. Famous for its full, sweet, round, and delicious flavor and amber color, Assam tea pairs beautifully with milk, but is sweet and “tippy” enough to drink alone.

It's challenging to source great Organic tea in Assam. Why? This region’s teas are so prized that they have no problem selling all their tea as conventional. In fact only a small portion of the hundreds of gardens in Assam are Certified Organic! Assam is a river  bottom region - the Brahmaputra river flows through the entire region. This river drains a massive area north of the Himalaya, an area almost the size of the continental US. When it flows through Assam on its way to the Indian Ocean, it is up to 6 miles wide! The area is hot and humid and the soil is black and fertile. This gives lots of nutrients to the tea plants which in turn give them great flavor.  Unlike Darjeeling, in Assam the 2nd flush (harvest) gives generally the best leaf. This means that we focus our buying on just a few weeks' harvest out of the entire year!

Organic black tea
Caffeine Level:
Some Buzz
some buzz, 1/2 cup of coffee
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Pour fulling boiling water over sachet.
Steep 4-5 minutes.
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Tea Type:
Package Type:
Origin: India
Assam tea is famous for its lush flavor and amber color. Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield a multi-layered "malty" flavor.
Richard, Founder & CEO
I am a daily Assam drinker. It is my “go to” breakfast tea. I love its balance of sweet/malty and astringent/tannic; like a big glass of Cabernet.
Try this as your first cup of the day, and you may never go back to English Breakfast again.
Like all black tea, Assam requires a high brewing temperature in order to bring out the full, nuanced flavor. Make sure your water’s boiling, and step away from the microwave!
If using milk try a longer steep - up to 7 minutes - before adding the milk.
Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz water, add sweetener (optional!), and pour over ice.



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        • 5
          Great Cup of Tea

          Posted by Annie on Jun 2nd 2020

          Have purchased this tea many times. I find it very satisfying, mild taste but not a wimpy cup of tea.

        • 5
          My daily tea

          Posted by Dave on Apr 24th 2019

          I’m addicted to this Assam tea and can’t imagine a smoother more well rounded example. My only complaint is that I can no longer find it locally and have to purchase it online.

        • 5
          Organic Assam Tea

          Posted by Rachel on Apr 18th 2019

          The best tea I’ve ever tasted. The flavor, yum!

        • 5
          Nice flavor

          Posted by Mark on Feb 28th 2019

          Nice flavor.

        • 5
          Excellent alternative to coffee

          Posted by Sylvia Swann on Sep 28th 2018

          Two Leaves is served at my favorite coffee, tea, and bookstore hang out, Church Street Coffee and Books in Birmingham Alabama. My favorite barista recommended Two Leaves Assam. It was wonderful an excellent alternative to coffee. So I went online and ordered some for home. We are enjoying it so much and looking forward to trying other Two Leaves teas. We already like your Earl Grey. Here’s wishing you continued success. Keep up the good work!

        • 3
          What am I missing?

          Posted by KG on Jul 5th 2018

          Is everyone really brewing 1 bag per 15oz? After a 6 minute steep, I have a very weak tea. I will try again with double strength.

        • 5
          Amazing Breakfast Tea!!

          Posted by Kristin on May 29th 2018

          My new favorite breakfast tea! Love it!

        • 5

          Posted by Jennifer on Jun 22nd 2017

          I can't express how much I love this tea. For any Canadian, it is the closest thing to Timmies steeped tea. This is better, I can make it at home, I take it to work, and it's organic! Literally obsessed with this tea.

        • 5
          Assam Tea

          Posted by Gail on Jun 6th 2017

          I just love this tea! Gave it to a friend to try and now he wants to order it also. It's very smooth, and rich flavored. I have tried several different types of their tea, both herbal & organic and haven't found one yet that I didn't love! So convenient to carry in my purse for that needed pick-me-up!

        • 5
          Best tea ever

          Posted by Cathy on May 10th 2017

          This is my most favorite tea and the sole reason I purchase tea for my office from Two Leaves and a Bud. Discovered at a restaurant in Chicago, this tea turned a die hard coffee drinker into a tea drinker. And I don't limit this tea to just breakfast. I think it's great any time of day. Enjoy.

        • 5
          Love Assam

          Posted by Rodger on Apr 5th 2017

          I have a cup of this each and every morning. Great way to start the day!!

        • 5
          Very satisfying.

          Posted by Frederic on Jan 26th 2017

          Fragrance and color are attractive

        • 3
          Assam Tea - India

          Posted by Lisa on Oct 22nd 2016

          This tea is delicious. The company says it comes from Assam India but the package indicates it is processed in China. What assurance can customers have that this tea is not cut with some other ingredients to maximize profits? I don't like the fact that it is processed in China, a place known for shady food processing practices.

        • 5
          Only 5 star reviews appear

          Posted by Lisa on Oct 22nd 2016

          The Reviews section is filtered. Viewers are not seeing all reviews.

        • 5
          the best tea

          Posted by Hilda on Jul 19th 2016

          Love, love this black tea. Fabulous hot or cold...we keep a brewed jug in the fridge for Arnold Palmers. Perfect for those hot summer days.

        • 5
          My obsession!

          Posted by Pam on Nov 21st 2015

          This tea is my obsession and addiction. My husband and I drink several cups a day and adore the black assam. No other tea even comes close to this delicious black tea. I always carry this tea with me everywhere I go, there's just nothing better!!

        • 5
          My Fav Assam!

          Posted by Arlene on Nov 11th 2015

          Very nice, rich Assam flavour w/ no bitterness... have to order this one again, for sure. Fantastic cuppa .....

        • 5

          Posted by Peggy on Oct 27th 2015

          Delicious! I love mine with a bit of almond or cashew milk--perfect way to start the day.

        • 5
          this is my favorite all time tea

          Posted by Lobindoba on May 16th 2015

          I drink 3 cups of black tea a day with a spot of sugar and milk. I LOVE my tea. I've tried many different kinds of tea. Tea bags, loose leaf, many kinds from tea-loving countries like England, India and Australia. I ALWAYS come back to this one. It has absolutely the perfect taste and smoothness for me.
          I haven't purchased the larger quantity of the loose leaf because it has a slightly different description.
          I'd like some feedback on how the two different Assam teas compare (tea bags versus the bulk).

        • 5

          Posted by Theresa on Jan 29th 2015

          Absolutely packed with flavour but with no bitterness at all, love it!

        • 5
          New found tea!

          Posted by Gail on Nov 6th 2014

          While staying in Chicago, I was served this tea for breakfast at the hotel, and instantly loved it! I had never heard of it before, so when I returned home I looked it up on the internet & found a large variety of teas to suit any taste! There will be some in everyone's Christmas stockings this year!!

        • 5
          Crave this stuff.

          Posted by t on Aug 8th 2013

          Assam - the taste of morning to me! Didn't even think I liked black tea until discovering that it is just a bit sweet and the die for. Makes me need a cup right now just thinking of it.

        • 5
          Thank you!

          Posted by Michael on Aug 8th 2013

          The best tea in the world, I buy the bulk 100 pack and enjoy a few cups a day. Soft and delicate taste, yet robust flavor. Wonderful tea - Thanks for making the best

        • 5
          I buy enough to share

          Posted by Jenna on Aug 8th 2013

          This is my favorite breakfast tea! I buy it by the box of 100. I love to give it as gifts with a nice mug/tea cup.

        • 5
          Five Stars

          Posted by Carol on Aug 8th 2013

          This is an OUTSTANDING tea! I use it loose and sometimes mix it with the green tea, Tamayokucha!

        • 5
          Super smooth

          Posted by Kendra on Aug 8th 2013

          I love this tea. it's the perfect thing to drink on cool mornings with hot breakfast. This has to be the smoothest black tea I've ever tasted.

        • 5
          New Fav

          Posted by Linda on Aug 8th 2013

          Assam is my favorite and now two leaves and a bud assam is my new favorite The loose tea makes a wonderful pot of tea!!

        • 5
          Treat yourself

          Posted by Bonnie on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea has such a full bodied non-bitter smooth taste. Perfect for a morning tea. I have fallen in love with it! Please treat yourself to this tea.

        • 5
          Unlike any other tea I've ever tasted

          Posted by Melody on Aug 8th 2013

          This is the perfect tea to replace your morning coffee because of its rich, robust flavor. I love it with a little rice milk.

        • 5

          Posted by SIOBHAN on Aug 8th 2013

          NO bitterness, no acidity. This is my MOST favorite black tea. The tannins are nearly undetectable. It is so smooth, it doesn't need any cream or sweetener, which is what I love about it. It must be drunk pure and unaltered.

        • 5
          It is superb!

          Posted by Linda on Aug 8th 2013

          Assam is my favorite tea and yours is the best. I am not a coffee drinker, but love my tea. I buy the 1/2 pound loose leaf and brew a pot every morning no matter what the weather. The leftover, if it is summer time, is poured over ice for lunch and supper.

        • 5
          On my birthday wish list

          Posted by Tara on Aug 8th 2013

          Wait. These come in boxes of 100? I know what I want for my birthday! I absolutely adore this tea. It always lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face. Doesn't get any better than that.

        • 5
          Gorgeous malty flavor

          Posted by Liss on Aug 8th 2013

          Organic Assam is is the tea I love. Gutsy enough to stand up to milk or cream, but with a gorgeous malty, smooth flavor. I usually buy single estate loose tea, but tried this bagged tea at a quaint inn and it was perfect. To anyone who wants to graduate from the "English Breakfast Tea" found in the supermarket, you should try this; you'll never go back.

        • 5
          Just delicious.

          Posted by d jacobs on Aug 8th 2013

          Usually breakfast black tea is too strong for me, but I love this tea. Just perfect!!!

        • 5

          Posted by Chris on Aug 8th 2013

          Be ready to become addicted.

        • 5
          Love love love it!

          Posted by Sal on Aug 8th 2013

          Best tea ever!!! Love love love it!

        • 5
          Assam Breakfast

          Posted by Brian on Aug 8th 2013

          I have this every morning. Just the right amount of caffeine to get me going.

        • 4
          Mom is Happy

          Posted by Molly on Aug 8th 2013

          Bought these for my Mom and she really likes it.

        • 5
          Rich flavor

          Posted by Mari B on Aug 8th 2013

          This sachet is better than many of the bulk teas I've tried! The flavor is rich, and there is never a bitter "overbrewed" (or more accurately "overprocessed") aftertaste. For those who want a smooth and mellow but not pusillanimous tea for breakfast or any other time, this one is your best bet :)

        • 5
          Every morning tea

          Posted by Winter on Aug 8th 2013

          This is my favorite breakfast tea!

        • 5
          Highly recommended.

          Posted by Teri on Aug 8th 2013

          This wonderfully malty tea is my favorite black tea. Hot or cold. I agree with one of the other commentors: Once you drink this you'll never return to supermarket brands.

        • 5
          It wakes me right up!

          Posted by Sheila on Aug 8th 2013

          Great tea to start the day or to have anytime you need a lift! Delightful flavor, very smooth. Love it!

        • 5

          Posted by Evelyn on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea is my all-time favorite. I use it for both hot and iced tea! It tastes great and has just enough caffeine in it to give me the morning kick I need!

        • 5
          Former Coffee Person

          Posted by Mary on Aug 8th 2013

          Perfectly smooth, best tea I've had, and I have tried a lot. I order in boxes of 100 and hide stashes every place I go. Can't risk running out. I used to be a coffee person but this tea has turned me around. The fact that it is organic is critical for me. Best of all worlds!

        • 5
          Best Find

          Posted by clare on Aug 8th 2013

          so glad i found this tasting breakfast tea ever

        • 4
          Tried once and ordered

          Posted by Tricia on Aug 8th 2013

          I tried Assam for the first time in Milwaukee (The Mustang Cafe, highly recommend it!) and stumbled upon 2leaves and a bud in Chicago...carried the wrapper around for the duration of my business trip and came home and ordered it. It is smooth yet notches up the 'wake up' factor over the Harny

        • 5
          Taste test winner

          Posted by Dan on Aug 8th 2013

          Outstanding blend. Full body, smooth and a surprising sweetness. I recently bought some more Assam black tea from another company, and while good, it feels flat compared to this blend. I should have stuck with two leaves and a bud.

        • 5
          Converted me from coffee

          Posted by Seth P on Aug 8th 2013

          My first step into converting from coffee to the world of breakfast teas, and with the organic assam i've never looked back. 0% caffeine crash and a smooth feeling of awareness throughout the day. better for you too....

        • 5
          It's simple and bold.

          Posted by Amanda on Aug 8th 2013

          This was my first two leaves tea. I liked it so much, my mom bought me the 100 pack. Just classic.

        • 5
          Best Tasting Tea

          Posted by Charlene on Aug 8th 2013

          Can't find a better tasting tea anywhere. Thank you.

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