5 Healthy Chai Ingredients

Two Leaves and a Bud’s name for Mountain High Chai took inspiration from the Colorado mountains around us and the regions in India where the spices and Assam tea of this...

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matcha tea basics tea health benefits

What is Matcha?

While you may have heard of Matcha, you may be wondering exactly what Matcha is. Chances are you’ve seen a new super drink in your...

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tea basics

What is tea, anyway?

You've tried it, you may even love it and drink it regularly...but what is tea? Simply defined, tea is a brewed beverage made from the...

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caffeine tea basics

Caffeine Levels in Tea

What is all the buzz about caffeine levels in tea? If your perfect cup of tea lifts your spirits and gets you going, that is...

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Organic Darjeeling Tea: A distinctive black tea

“Organic Darjeeling isn’t one of our best sellers,” says CEO Richard Rosenfeld. “It's not a tea many Americans are used to, when it comes to black...

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Matcha Strawberry Lemonade

If you’re like us, you’ve used, and re-used, all of your summertime drink recipes by now. Or maybe you just enjoy cold drinks all year...

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tea basics

Tea and Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookie season is the sort of thing you don't realize you miss until that last Thin Mint is gone. You thought that by...

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tea health benefits

Several reasons to have some tea before your next workout

Drinking tea before you workout is another great health benefit of drinking tea. We live and work in the mountains of Colorado, and around here...

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