Organic Mountain High Chai

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In South Asia, the Hindi word "chai" just means "tea." Street vendors that serve chai in India are called Chai Wallahs. Translation: tea guys. Spiced tea, as we know it, is actually "masala chai."

Organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom seed, organic cloves, natural flavor, organic rose petals, organic marigold flowers
Caffeine Level:
Some Buzz
some buzz, 1/2 cup of coffee
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Pour fulling boiling water over sachet.
Steep 4-5 minutes.
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Tea Type:
Package Type:
The foundation of our chai is top-quality, whole leaf black tea. Then we add whole spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves for a bold, yet balanced tea.
Bess, National Sales Manager
I love the new bolder flavors in the Mountain High Chai but especially like it because you can taste the tea through the spices! I drink it straight or with milk and honey.
Steamed milk and a dash of honey can turn your chai tea into a luxurious latte.
Add a shot of espresso to your chai to create a drink called “Dirty Chai.”
Add a few sachets into your pot when making rice.
Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz water, add sweetener (optional!), and pour over ice.
Origin: India



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        • 2

          Posted by Glenn on May 7th 2020

          Not the strongest chai flavored tea that I have had, but it was smooth.

        • 5
          Still the best Chai I can find

          Posted by Denny on Mar 27th 2020

          Well packaged, great flavor, and is a full-bodied Chai that is hard to come buy. 5 Stars, indeed!

        • 4
          Very popular at church

          Posted by Church Girl on Dec 17th 2019

          I'm not fond of chai myself, but this flavor has been popular among the congregation on Sunday mornings. It seems to live up to Two Leaves' reputation for high quality and great flavor. I get compliments all the time about their tea!

        • 5
          Best Tea I've Had

          Posted by Mark on Jan 5th 2019

          I've been a tea drinker my whole life. Mainly English breakfast tea. This is, by far, the best cup of tea I've ever had. Would choose this over anything.

        • 5
          Delicious Chai

          Posted by Lynne on Apr 8th 2017

          This chai will wake up your taste buds. The herbs are blended just right to make a very tasty, but not too spicy chai. This chai is good with or without sugar and is also really good cold. If you like chai, you will definitely like this one.

        • 2
          So-so chai

          Posted by Emily on Feb 15th 2017

          More of a floral-tasting chai, not as rich and spicy as I prefer.

        • 5

          Posted by Kim on Sep 22nd 2016

          This was the first Two Leaves tea I ever tried and it is still my favorite! <3

        • 5

          Posted by Patricia on Jul 25th 2016

          Chai is my favorite tea, and this one is by far my favorite. Even better than some tea I got from India as a gift. I cant by anything else now! Give it a try for sure.

        • 1
          astoundingly weak

          Posted by Austin on Dec 19th 2015

          Upon trying a two leaves tea for the first time in a restaurant - the Darjeeling - I was impressed enough to go online and order the 80 sachet black tea sampler. Yesterday dipped the Assam which I found a peer to the Darjeeling: each of these two tea comes bold and charismatic after a good steep but does not overpower. They are also quite distinct from one another. However, this morning I opted for the mountain chai. Sadly, this is one of the weakest chai blends I've ever poured water to. Perhaps my palate's not subtle enough but the cardamom is so faint as to be undetectable, and the other spices barely assert themselves. Maybe I got a bad batch?

        • 5
          BEST EVER!

          Posted by Nicole on Nov 29th 2015

          The BEST chai tea I have ever tasted. It's the perfect blend. A little heaven in a cup on a cold day, here in Ontario.

        • 5

          Posted by Melissa on Apr 13th 2015

          I found out about Organic High Mountain Chai on a trip to Banff, British Columbia. It is the smoothest chai I've ever tasted. I was in heaven. I only wish I could find it in stores!

        • 5
          Best chai I've ever tasted

          Posted by Theresa on Jan 29th 2015

          I took a risk with this tea because I've never been a fan of chai before. This is the first time I've ever enjoyed chai. It's incredibly smooth, full-bodied, and not to add it smells terrific.

        • 5
          love it

          Posted by Aisling on Oct 9th 2014

          Tastes like Christmas!

        • 5
          I haven't had a better Chai.

          Posted by Brittany on Jun 21st 2014

          I love this tea! It has a sweet flavor because of the cinnamon, so I find it fun to drink without having to add sugar. It also re-steeps well.

        • 4
          Spicy but balanced

          Posted by Lawrence on Nov 28th 2013

          I'm not usually a big fan of chai but I really like this one. It has a perfect blend of spices that don't overwhelm the tea but do a nice job of complementing it.

        • 5

          Posted by Tom on Sep 12th 2013

          I drink this year round. It's amazing!

        • 5
          One of the Best

          Posted by Joshua on Aug 8th 2013

          This is hands down one of the best chai teas I have had.

        • 5
          Impeccable Tea

          Posted by Bryan T on Aug 8th 2013

          If there is such thing as an impeccable tea, this is it!

        • 5
          So Amazing

          Posted by Kuljit on Aug 8th 2013

          just had this tea, so amazing i had to look u guys up! amazing!

        • 5
          Rich and Full of Flavor

          Posted by Renee on Aug 8th 2013

          I just picked this tea up for the first time and it is rich and full of flavor, more than any other Chai I have had. I'll probably make a latte at some point, but this is delicious without anything added.

        • 5
          Great tea!

          Posted by Robin on Aug 8th 2013

          Love the tea bag. (I assume it's easily biodegradable?) Smell and flavor are the best!

        • 5
          Smooth, high quality

          Posted by bess on Aug 8th 2013

          this is one of the smoothest chai teas I've experienced with a nice balance of spices. I received it as a gift and am sipping it with some almond milk. brilliant quality!

        • 5
          Converted a non-tea drinker

          Posted by DeAnna on Aug 8th 2013

          I don't usually like chai, but this was wonderful. I brought home all the flavors the restaurant offered. You guys offer the best flavors. Evan my husband loved it (he's not a tea drinker) Thank you.

        • 5
          A Huge Hit

          Posted by Eric on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea was a huge hit at our Easter party! Everyone LOVED it and that is why I'm here online to purchase...many of my family members took down the name, so more orders will be coming. Excellent tea with full flavor, but not overwhelming. Absolutely delicious! Thanks!!

        • 5
          Worth Spending Money On

          Posted by Jodi on Aug 8th 2013

          I was at that Easter Party and am here ordering too!!! This is the first tea that I have felt was worth sprending money on in years. Thank you, I look forward to receiving it.

        • 5
          Can't Wait to Get it

          Posted by Jodi on Aug 8th 2013

          I was at that Easter gathering and loved this tea!!! This is the first one I've found in years that I was willing to pay for.

        • 5

          Posted by De Anna on Aug 8th 2013

          Don't usually like Chai. Then I had a chance to try this at a local restraunt. It was so impressive, I took the package home and looked it up on the net. I am sooo hooked! This is a must!

        • 5
          I fell in love

          Posted by Annette on Aug 8th 2013

          I bought a tea bag of mountain chai at the airport and I fell in love with it, saved the wrapper and got home looked it up and oredred a boat load of it and the rest is history, what a wonderful product! Thank You...

        • 5
          This. Chai.

          Posted by Joanne on Aug 8th 2013

          Simply wonderful! I love chai, but I really love this chai.

        • 5
          Excellent with milk

          Posted by Teri on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea is highly spiced and excellent hot with or without milk. I make it into iced tea with Assam Breakfast (yours, of course!) and it is a fabulous drink as well. I pass out tea bags to whomever will take them from me.

        • 5
          Five Star

          Posted by Melissa on Aug 8th 2013

          Spiced teas are my favourite, and this one is at the top of my list. The flavours are so warm and comforting, great for any time of the day.

        • 5
          Best Chai

          Posted by Mary on Aug 8th 2013

          Hands down the best chai to be found!

        • 5
          Best Flavor

          Posted by Joann on Aug 8th 2013

          This has the best flavor - I use it to make my own iced tea. I constantly get rave reviews and am always asked which tea I use as the base. I tell them my secret ingredient is the Mountain High Chai!

        • 5
          Perfect tea

          Posted by Stephen A on Aug 8th 2013

          My first Two Leaves and a Bud product I have ever bought, I was glad I took the chance. Perfect tea for the mornings and the afternoon.

        • 5
          Fun Flavor!

          Posted by Janice on Aug 8th 2013

          This is a great tasting tea, and a treat to have as an afternoon pick-me-up, not too much caffeine and a very fun flavor!

        • 5
          Amazing Tea

          Posted by SOUMYA on Aug 8th 2013

          Highly recommend to friends who love typical Indian Chai. Subtle spice flavour of ginger, cardamom (elaichi). No bitter taste. Great even without milk and sugar.

        • 5
          Hightly Recommed

          Posted by SOUMYA on Aug 8th 2013

          Amazing tea, subtle flavor of cardamom, ginger, taste is not bitter. Taste great even without milk or sugar. Highly recommend to chai loving people.

        • 5
          I can get in to this

          Posted by Jessica on Aug 8th 2013

          Ok! I'm not much for tea. Really enjoy Starbucks. But this Tea is Awesome! Just straight with nothing added. I've finally found a tea I can enjoy.

        • 5
          Balanced Cup

          Posted by Gary on Aug 8th 2013

          Mountain High Chai-great strong tea taste with a hint of cinnamon. 2nd cup from the bamboo tea chest. I like it even better this time.

        • 5
          Chai Lover

          Posted by Erin on Aug 8th 2013

          I had this tea for the first time in Aspen and I was hooked! I am a Chai tea lover and this is the best I have ever had! I liked the tea so much, I ordered some online and the sampler pack and I have loved every one I have tried (especially the Earl Grey and Peppermint)! Simply delightful!

        • 5
          Totally Addicted

          Posted by Dorota on Aug 8th 2013

          I love Chai and I have to say this one has a delightful flavour. I am totally addicted to the ginger notes in this tea and have gotten a couple of other people immediately hooked on this blend. Great tea Two Leaves!

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