Organic Earl Grey

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The best Earl Grey teas begin with high quality full black tea leaves, which get their legendary flavor from natural bergamot oil - oil from a citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy. This is an elegant cuppa' tea with tried and true flavor that ranges from a light citrus zip to a deep, smooth black tea.

Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, large leaf organic black tea. We add just a hint of natural bergamot to create the famous taste.
Organic black tea, corn flowers, natural flavoring
Caffeine Level:
Some Buzz
some buzz, 1/2 cup of coffee
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Pour fulling boiling water over sachet.
Steep 4-5 minutes.
Tea Type:
Package Type:
Origin: India
Chloe, Graphic Design / Customer Happiness
I think of Earl Grey like the Jack Kerouac of teas: manly, well-traveled, and jazzy; it's our own under-ground celebrity.
Excellent with a splash of milk, or a squeeze of lemon, but not both at the same time.
Try a London Fog: Steep Organic Earl Grey (leave room for milk). Add ½ tsp vanilla extract to tea. Steam milk and pour over tea. Sweeten to taste.
Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz. water, add sweetener (optional!), and pour over ice.
Add tea leaves to cookies, shortbread, muffins, scones, quick breads and cakes for a lovely flavor.



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        • 5
          Best Earl Grey

          Posted by Sheny on May 19th 2020

          This is the best blend (and my favourite brand) of Earl Grey. Typically the only Earl Grey I’ll drink!

        • 5
          Earl Grey!

          Posted by wbb on Apr 15th 2020

          The best Earl Grey available!

        • 5
          Yummy Earl Grey Blend

          Posted by Church Girl on Dec 17th 2019

          This is one of the best Earl Greys that I've ever had. I love the quality of the whole leaf and the convenience of the bag. Earl Grey fans won't be disappointed!

        • 5
          Great Earl Grey

          Posted by J T Thompson on Oct 16th 2019

          Always smooth. Definitely recommend

        • 5
          Best for mornings

          Posted by Roman M. on May 7th 2019

          This is my favorite tea for the morning! Tastes really good. I ordered it 3 times and this time I ordered the box with a 100 sachets, because this is a go to tea on every party; everybody loves it.

        • 5
          The BEST

          Posted by Bania on Jan 10th 2019

          This is the best tea. I have two big mugs of it every morning with a little milk and honey, and it could get me through any sleepy Monday or hungover Friday. I want to hop in my mug and take a little swim- it's really that good. It's the best tea jerry, THE BEST!

        • 5
          The best!

          Posted by Shirley on Nov 14th 2018

          I only drink Earl Grey tea. I absolutely love this brand, the taste and the fact that it is organic. It makes the best London Fog!

        • 5
          Makes a great tea latte

          Posted by Maryna Verchenova on May 13th 2018

          I often order this tea, for my London Fog. Love it.

        • 5
          Organic Earl Grey

          Posted by Jennifer Hunter on Apr 4th 2018

          I’ve been drinking your teas for several years and I love them.

        • 5

          Posted by Ani on Jul 16th 2017

          I got a couple of samples of this tea with my recent purchases and finally, after putting it off, I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Let me start out by saying..I'm not a fan of black teas. They usually taste like watered down coffee to me, with an unpleasant after taste. When I brewed this up, I drank it plain to get a true assessment of the flavor. I was preparing myself for a mediocre cup of tea, but to my pleasant surprise, it was REALLY GOOD. I drank the whole cup! I'll definitely be adding this to a future order.

        • 5
          Earl Grey

          Posted by Sherri on May 4th 2017

          Really love the bergamot that comes out well in this tea. Going to buy the bigger box this time.

        • 4
          Lovely to look at and to drink

          Posted by Bonita on Mar 23rd 2017

          Such a beautiful presentation with the lavender flowers mixed in. A flavorful and aromatic rendition of the classic Earl Grey. Thank you, Two Leaves and a Bud!

        • 5
          My Favorite Earl Grey

          Posted by Becca on Mar 9th 2017

          I know everyone has their own preference for Earl Grey, but I've tried many over the years and this one has just the right taste for me. Delicate, not too lemony, smells and tastes just delicious. And as a bonus, it's so pretty in the loose leaf form.

        • 5
          Not happy with the sachet bag

          Posted by Gloria on Feb 25th 2017

          At least one to two sachets were slit so the tea leaves came out...Thankfully I have a tea ball. I will order again cause the tea has fantastic flavor but will order the Paisley bags.

        • 5

          Posted by Nicole on Feb 21st 2017

          consider myself a tea fanatic and this Earl Grey is the best I've had! I adore it, I can't get enough and am so happy that I pushed for my work to start carrying this tea and many others by two leaves. If you are looking for a delicious and perfectly balanced earl grey, look no further.

        • 5
          My name is Earl Grey

          Posted by Kristen on Oct 3rd 2016

          When I think about this tea, I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough!

        • 5

          Posted by Christy on Sep 27th 2016

          This is one of the best blends of Earl Grey I've ever tasted. The slight hint of the bergamot gives it just the right amount of warmth, allowing the richness of the blend come through. It's like sipping the moors of Scotland on a foggy morning.

        • 5
          Only One

          Posted by CG on May 17th 2016

          I drink Two Leaves' Organic Earl Grey twice a day, and it's the only tea I'll drink. I've even tried Googling coffeeshops that carry it whenever I travel to a new city, because I can't even bother with anything else. I order 2 boxes of 100 each every 6 months or so, but in a pinch, I always know that I can find it in at least a couple different local grocery stores, which is great. In short: highly recommended.

        • 5
          Amazingly good tea

          Posted by John on Apr 27th 2016

          I drink only tea. Lots of tea, and I love Earl Gray. I have tried many, many Earl Gray teas and this is by far my favorite. It's whole leaf, so it doesn't taste like tea swept off the floor, and it's organic. Highly recommended.

        • 5
          Best Earl Grey Tea

          Posted by Tiffany on Apr 26th 2016

          This is the best I've had so far!

        • 3
          Sadly disappointed

          Posted by Patricia on Apr 12th 2016

          I wanted to find my next favorite Earl Grey, my tea that starts my day, but sadly, this wasn't it. Not enough Bergamot by far, nor cornflowers, in my humble opinion. Nothing to write home about here, sadly.

        • 5
          My favourite Earl

          Posted by Melissa on Mar 30th 2016

          I found this by accident in Walmart one day and I've been hooked ever since! Now it's the only Earl I drink! Great bergamont flavour and smooth finish!

        • 5
          I love this tea

          Posted by Shelley on Feb 1st 2016

          I am always trying new tea. I discovered you at a health food store bought them out and the store sold out. I found you again at a specialty grocery store 150 miles away. So I Googled you and was very happy. My first impression of your tea was, a little surprised by the size. That is until I brewed my first cup. Fantastic!!! And now I can have it shipped directly to my house. What a great thing. THANK YOU

        • 5
          High quality tea

          Posted by Elizabeth on Dec 30th 2015

          Tea is my coffee, I have a cup every morning so I'm selective about what I drink. My boyfriend, a coffee drinker raved about this tea. It's my favorite!

        • 5

          Posted by Pam on Nov 21st 2015

          I had never been a fan of Earl Grey...until I tasted this one. I was hooked immediately. Lovely and floral and especially good with a bit of honey and a splash of cream. Yummy!!!

        • 5
          Favorite Tea of All Time!

          Posted by Nicolette on Sep 2nd 2015

          I had tried other Two Leaves teas at my Community College, but I wanted to try something new one day before my literature class. I decided on the Earl Grey; I was skeptical. I had always wanted to like Earl Grey tea, but it had always had to pungent of a taste for me. I jumped in feet first with this one and only regret it because that meant buying a second cup of tea every day that I had class (I was already hooked on the green tea) which meant that the broke college girl was even more broke. I continue to drink this nearly every day for its soft floral flavors and calming aroma. I highly recommend it (especially to those that don't think that they like Earl Grey Teas)!

        • 5

          Posted by Priscilla on Dec 13th 2014

          This tea is pure goodness. I can drink it anytime!

        • 5
          Simply my favorite tea

          Posted by Dawn on Apr 9th 2014

          I am far from being an expert on tea, but two leaves & a bud organic earl grey sachets are simply my favorite tea I've ever tasted. I ordered the box of 100 sachets and my husband and I are enjoying them immensely!

        • 5
          Best of the Best Earl Grey

          Posted by Gary on Aug 8th 2013

          By far the best of the best Earl Grey Teas I've ever had the chance to enjoy. Incredible!!

        • 5

          Posted by Lori on Aug 8th 2013

          Oh my god, the best cup of Earl grey I have ever had!!!!!

        • 5
          Pure Joy

          Posted by Cheryl on Aug 8th 2013

          It is hard to describe the joy that this tea brings to me. It is wonderfully smooth tea and no other earl grey can compare with it.

        • 5
          Best Earl Grey

          Posted by Flori on Aug 8th 2013

          The best Earl Grey tea I've ever had! I traveled a lot in Europe and even out there, I never found an as excellent tea as this one! I will talk about your company a lot!

        • 5
          Great Gift Idea

          Posted by Alice on Aug 8th 2013

          We first had the pleasure of Two Leaves and a Bud tea while having lunch at a very good French restaurant. But the highlight of the lunch was the tea! Since that occasion, I have given it as gifts multiple times (including, and most recently, to my husband as a birthday gift - with the selfish motive of enjoying his birthday gift myself!) We love this tea - and all of their teas.

        • 5
          Worth Every Penny

          Posted by Erin on Aug 8th 2013

          I came across this company about a year ago and the earl grey tea is by far the best I've ever had! I love that it's organic and it is totally worth every penny!

        • 5
          Nothing Compares

          Posted by Susan on Aug 8th 2013

          I have tried many Earl Grey teas, but none compared to two leaves and a bud!! The best Earl Grey I have ever had. I bought a case and I'm already afraid I might run out!! LOL

        • 5
          I'm in heaven!

          Posted by Jodi on Aug 8th 2013

          I just found a tea bag of the earl grey that a visiting friend left in my cupboard. Drinking it now and went straight to google to find out where to buy more. Fantastic!

        • 5
          Love it

          Posted by Timothy on Aug 8th 2013

          I just tried this tea and loved it. Need to make the string longer, it falls into the cup

        • 5

          Posted by Rachel on Aug 8th 2013

          I got this as a gift, and wow. It makes my old earl grey tea taste like paper (literally). This is so good.

        • 5
          Amazing Complexity

          Posted by Tom on Aug 8th 2013

          Best Earl Grey I've ever had and I drink it constantly and have for over 40 years. Amazing complexity to it.

        • 5

          Posted by Phil on Aug 8th 2013

          Love Earl Grey, and this is the best one I've found. Absolutely addicted!

        • 5
          Very Smooth

          Posted by Bess on Aug 8th 2013

          Best Earl Grey I have ever experienced! Thank you!

        • 5
          OMG I'm In Love

          Posted by Lori on Aug 8th 2013

          OMG, I hven't ever had tea this good, I only drink Earl Grey and now I'm in love...if only you shipped to Australia... :(

        • 5
          I am HOOKED

          Posted by Jenina on Aug 8th 2013

          I purchased this tea on a whim during a regular trip to Brennan's in Madison, WI...I am completely HOOKED! I haven't had such a great cup of tea since my last trip to England. I concur with a previous reviewer--the string does need to be about 3 inches longer. Thanks so much for providing a superior product!

        • 5
          Where Can I Buy

          Posted by Manon on Aug 8th 2013

          can someone please tell me if there is a place in Edmonton, alberta where you can buy this tea?

        • 5

          Posted by Daicha on Aug 8th 2013

          I love this tea

        • 5
          FAVORITE tea

          Posted by Bonnie on Aug 8th 2013

          When I open the protective plastic wrapper, I'm compelled to smell the packaging, too. It's heavenly! I tuck a few Earl Grey sachets in my suitcase to enjoy away from home when a relaxing cup of tea hits the spot. Never without it!

        • 5
          A Delightful Earl Grey

          Posted by Catherine on Aug 8th 2013

          This is one of very few Earl Greys on the market that is organic. My husband and I highly recommend this tea!!

        • 5
          Smooth, rich and full of flavor!

          Posted by Beth on Aug 8th 2013

          I haven't found a better Earl Grey anywhere.

        • 5
          A Delight to Drink

          Posted by Wyatt on Aug 8th 2013

          Truly a delight to drink. TLB really knows how to put quality back into a flooded market of commercialized tea. :)

        • 5

          Posted by Mary on Aug 8th 2013

          Far and away the best Earl Grey. I am very picky about my tea but this one is exceptional. Now I just hope Two Leaves keeps up the high quality and never compromises! Great, great, great product!

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