Two Roots Turmeric Ginger Latte Mix

Make delicious golden lattes with this naturally caffeine-free blend of healthful turmeric, ginger and rooibos. A bit spicy, a touch sweet (only 4 grams of cane sugar per serving!), and totally satisfying.

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The finely ground turmeric, ginger, rooibos and spices in this latte blend are both tasty and good for you! These super ingredients are consumed for their antioxidants, as well as their anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.
Two Roots Turmeric Ginger Lattes are rich, satisfying and not too sweet, giving you the flexibility to sweeten to taste, or not! The blend is Vegan and dairy-free so you can use your favorite milk alternative with ease.
500g sleeve yields 36 servings.
Two Roots Turmeric Ginger Nutrition Facts
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Soluble Corn Fiber, Cane Sugar, Turmeric Powder, Rooibos Tea, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ginger Root Extract, Xanthan Gum, Yucca Extract, Spice Extracts and Black Pepper.
How to Brew
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Steeping Directions

Warm up 8-10oz of milk or milk alternative.

Mix in 1 heaping tbsp Two Roots Turmeric. Add custom flavors or a sweetener (optional).

Pour into a cup. Stir well or use a hand-held electric frother.

Brewing Tips

Try it iced. Mix latte mix with 4oz hot milk, pour over ice. Top cup off with cold milk. Stir and serve!

Sweeten it up with 1-2 tsp of natural sweetener like agave, honey, maple syrup or simple syrup.

Add espresso to your latte to get a Two Roots and a Buzz!

Ty a milk alternative like hemp, almond, rice, cashew or soy milk to discover what you love most.

Add Two Roots Turmeric Ginger to your pancakes. Bonus points: add chocolate chips and top with maple syrup or whipped cream.

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