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Best-Sellers Tea Case

Can't decide between your favorites new to tea and not sure where start try this mixed case of world-wide favorites: our six best-selling teas.

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1 retail box (15 sachets) each of our best-selling tea sachets! This mixed case of six boxes includes:
Organic Assam Breakfast- Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield a multi-layered “malty” flavor and lovely amber color.
Organic Earl Grey- Organic Indian black tea combined with natural bergamot for a rich cup with legendary flavor.
Organic Tamayokucha- Japanese-style green tea with a sweet, light flavor that yields a subtle complexity.
Jasmine Green Tea- Green tea balanced with a divinely delicate floral aroma.
Organic Chamomile- 100% chamomile flowers yield a rich apple scent with soft honey notes and a lemon edge.
Organic Peppermint- Large-cut, pure peppermint leaves that are both crisp and buttery-smooth.

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There’s no better gift for your tea-loving tribe than a beautiful box of amazing tea. Or treat yourself to a tea gift (yes, self-gifting is a thing) and find your perfect cup of tea.

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Read up on all things tea.

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