Alpine Berry

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This bright berry tea brews up a jewel-toned shade of red thanks to hibiscus – popular worldwide for its tart, cranberry-like flavor. The taste of this herbal blend reminds us of a hike in the mountains of Colorado, where we live. We love it iced in the summer, or while skiing, hot with honey.

1% of sales of boxes of Alpine Berry sachets are donated to support a scholarship for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) — an organization that had a strong impact on our CEO/Founder Richard Rosenfeld’s life, as Richard served as a NOLS instructor from 1997 – 2000. With a true passion for all things wild and natural, Two Leaves and a Bud is an enthusiastic supporter of NOLS. Just as Two Leaves is committed to traveling the world to source the best tea, we are committed to supporting an organization that helps people “go there.”

Hibiscus, apple pomace, rosehip shells, sweet blackberry leaves, natural flavoring, orange peel, raspberry pieces
Caffeine Level:
No Buzz
no buzz, nada, zip
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Pour fulling boiling water over sachet.
Steep 3-5 minutes.
Gluten Free
Tea Type:
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Alpine Berry herbal tea is naturally sweet and tart with hibiscus, blackberry leaves and orange peel. It's refreshing hot or iced.
Origin: Europe
Try it iced. Brew in 6 oz. water, add sweetener (optional!), and pour over ice.
Kids love this naturally sweet and tart (sugar-free!) tea. Use it as a base for jello and popsicles.
Consider yourself an amateur mixologist? Try infusing this tea in your favorite alcohol and start experimenting with cocktails!
Pairs well with chocolate - – like Dark Chocolate with Raspberries. The sweet and fruity chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to the tart tea.



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        • 5

          Posted by Dawn on May 19th 2020

          I was looking for TLAAB Orchard Berry and decided to try Alpine Berry tea which is similar in flavor just slightly more intense but very relaxing. I've been having a cup a day❤

        • 5
          One of my Favs!!

          Posted by Carol Rachels on May 16th 2020

          Tropical Green has always been my favorite but this one comes close! The whole family enjoys this one!

        • 5
          Alpine Berry is my favorite!

          Posted by Jan on Dec 31st 2019

          On our way to the North Carolina mountains, my husband and I stopped off at a bustling coffee shop in a small, but picture-perfect small town. I'm more of a coffee drinker, but felt inclined to try some tea. The barista suggested Alpine Berry, and I've been hooked! Try it!

        • 5
          Absolutely splendid! This tea helped me appreciate tea

          Posted by Marcus on Oct 30th 2019

          I was never a big fan of tea. I always thought that too many other ingredients needed to be added to the tea in order for it to be enjoyed. That was until I discovered Alpine Berry. It is filled with amazing flavors and we find it absolutely delightful. My toddler even enjoys drinking it.

        • 5

          Posted by Jean on Aug 27th 2019

          This might be the nicest herbal tea I have ever tasted. Delicious hot or cold, and the bags are a generous quantity. I am sharing with my friends!

        • 5
          Favorite Tea

          Posted by Ann on Aug 17th 2019

          Alpine Berry is one of my two favorite teas. It is lovely hot or cold. I plan to always have this tea in my cabinet!

        • 5
          Totally wonderful tea

          Posted by Sue W. on Aug 15th 2019

          This tea is like giving yourself the best reward possible! Wonderful tea, a "must have" in my cupboard at all times!

        • 5
          Alpine aberry

          Posted by ET on Aug 14th 2019

          Alpine berry is great hot, warm or cold. So refreshing

        • 5
          Love this tea!!

          Posted by tealuver on Aug 10th 2019

          The best most refreshing tea I’ve ever made! It’s good hot or cold

        • 5
          Alpine Berry Berry Good

          Posted by Anonymous on Jun 4th 2019

          Love this!

        • 5
          Alpine berry. Wonderful tea

          Posted by Anonymous Tea Drinker on Nov 21st 2018

          Fantastic flavor. Deepens with brewing. Just what I was looking for in an herbal product.

        • 5
          Excellent choice

          Posted by Debbie K on Jun 13th 2018

          I love the aroma as soon as I open the bag. I love the color of the tea and the taste is amazing. I ordered two boxes on my first order. It is great anytime day or evening.

        • 5
          Alpine Berry

          Posted by Maryna Verchenova on May 13th 2018

          Very tasty. However, needs to be steeped only in chlorine-free water, otherwise instead of being red it’s black.

        • 5
          Love it!

          Posted by Ani on May 14th 2017

          I just got this tea, and on Mother's Day and my mom and I had some. Not only did I enjoy this tea, but so did she (a coffee addict :) ). Usually, she needs sweetener and milk if she's gonna drink tea (I usually drink all teas plain), but when I asked her, she said it was perfect the way it is. Coming from her, that is a TRUE compliment. Definitely worth getting. Even coffee drinkers will enjoy this tea.

        • 5
          My new favorite!

          Posted by Dana H on May 4th 2017

          This tea is berry special. Love it! I brew it late in the afternoon, so I can still get some shut eye later on. I really do enjoy a good and flavorful evening cuppa, so this fits the bill when I cannot tolerate caffeine.

        • 5
          One of my favorites

          Posted by Allison on Apr 16th 2017

          I love this tea. It's a perfect blend and makes a great after dinner tea.

        • 5
          alpine berry

          Posted by Maryclare on Jan 16th 2017

          Thank you so much for the best herbal fruit tea I have ever had!! I enjoy it chilled every day. This is a truly remarkable tisane and I really appreciate that you offer some herbal teas without chamomile, which can be an overpowering flavor in some of the more delicate blends. :)

        • 5

          Posted by Jodi on Sep 18th 2016

          I was offered an Alpine berry tea while eating out in Golden, British Columbia. I looked up your site and signed up as a customer right away. The tea tasted fruity and smooth, and was the most beautiful color. I am ordering some right away!! WC

        • 5
          Alpine berry tasting tea. My fave.

          Posted by Tim on Jul 10th 2016

          This tea has loads of flavours. Steeped a little longer brings out more berry taste. I call it my very berry tea.

        • 5
          My favourite tea!

          Posted by Lori on Jun 30th 2016

          This is by far my favourite tea! Very refreshing without being too sweet! I love it!

        • 5
          Merry Berry- Alpine Berry

          Posted by Dr Anubhuti on May 13th 2016

          Merry berry- Just loved it.
          Best Breakfast Tea to rejuvenate senses in morning.

        • 5
          Excellent (and useful)

          Posted by Laurel on Apr 11th 2016

          This tea has definitely earned its place among my favorites. First, the flavor is delicious - the berries really shine, and it's sweet without being cloying, tart without being sour. Also, ladies (and non-binary friends), this tea contains blackberry leaves and berries, which are great for relieving menstrual cramps (try chamomile as well). All in all, a lovely brew!

        • 5
          Love Love Love

          Posted by Melissa on Feb 15th 2016

          I love the flavor of this tea. Its organic which I loved because I can't have caffeine. I will continue to purchase.

        • 4
          As good as ever.

          Posted by Desna on Jan 14th 2016

          Husbands new favorite.

        • 5
          Love Love Love

          Posted by Judith on Jan 13th 2016

          Fell in love with the first sip. I will purchase a box of 100 for sure after i finish my African Sunset tea that I also love so much!!!!

        • 5
          Amazing taste

          Posted by Evie on Dec 6th 2015

          After enjoying a cup of this tea in Estes Park, CO over the Thanksgiving weekend, it was game on to Google search out this particular tea flavor. I was SO ecstatic to find it after a minimal search! My hubby and I are not really tea drinkers, but we both enjoyed it so much that I just had to order it. Alpine Berry is, hands down, one of the best tea flavors I've ever enjoyed. So thankful I can order it now to appreciate at home when I want a soothing cup of berry herbal flavor!

        • 5
          delicious hot or iced

          Posted by Theresa on Jan 29th 2015

          My absolute favourite fruity tea. It's delicious hot or iced, although my preference is iced on a hot summer day. This is a nice healthy alternative when I'm craving sugary fruit drinks!

        • 5
          Satisfies my cravings for sweets

          Posted by Alexa on Sep 2nd 2013

          I love the fruity flavors in this tea!! It's a sweet tooth craving stopper for me!! I just placed an order today and can't wait till it gets here!!! Thank you Two Leaves for making amazing teas!!!!

        • 5
          I can't stop drinking this

          Posted by michele t on Aug 8th 2013

          I first tried this tea at a spa, I'm known to be a coffee drink by heart! But after having your tea this one the Alpine Berry and the pomi-berry, I just can't stop drinking it! I love it and tell everyone how good it really is! I really enjoy sitting with a cup of your tea its truly relaxing. Thank You.

        • 5
          Five stars

          Posted by Shanda on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea is phenomenal!

        • 5
          This tea is SO good.

          Posted by Holly McD on Aug 8th 2013

          I love this flavor it is light and so pleasant...its my favorite tea.

        • 5
          Delicious on a Snowy Day

          Posted by Sharon on Aug 8th 2013

          This was the first Two Leaves and a Bud tea I tried. Absolutely delicious on a snowy Colorado day! Definitely the best tea (and tea bag) I've ever had. I've been trying several different flavors over the past couple weeks and love them all.

        • 5
          A Great Find

          Posted by Virginia on Aug 8th 2013

          I had a cup of this at a charming cafe. What a great find! I generally love black teas best; but this herb tea was almost as rich as the best of the black teas.

        • 5

          Posted by Nick on Aug 8th 2013

          This is one of the tastiest teas I've ever had. I really enjoy citrusy and fruity teas and I just cannot talk enough about this alpine berry. It is, without a doubt, my favorite tea. Just delicious at any point in the day.

        • 4

          Posted by gus on Aug 8th 2013

          very very good

        • 5
          First Try

          Posted by Colleen on Aug 8th 2013

          I tried your tea for the 1st time on a cold snowy Michigan evening

        • 5

          Posted by Kathy on Aug 8th 2013

          I received your tea as a gift and I have to say it is absolutely delicious! I Can't wait to try the other flavors!

        • 5
          Flavors are Amazing

          Posted by Patty B on Aug 8th 2013

          I had your wonderful teas for the first time this week while staying at the Limelight lodge in Aspen. The Alpine Berry and African Sunset were 2 of my favorites. I will be looking for a store near me that sells your top-quality product. The flavors are amazing!!

        • 5
          A winner!

          Posted by Jerry on Aug 8th 2013

          Had this tea, Alpine Berry, at a small restaurant in Jasper, Ga. 61 Main. Outstanding flavor and color, a clear winner for either relaxing or with a lunch meal.

        • 5
          I can't get enough!

          Posted by Bunnie on Aug 8th 2013

          This is my new favorite tea! :D Normally, I reach for a fresh cup of green tea or a morning tea, yet I find myself longing for the first time- a cup of tea with fruit. It's the only fruit tea I've ever liked!

        • 5
          Buying in Bulk

          Posted by janet on Aug 8th 2013

          Had this tea for the first time at a quaint little cafe in knoxville, tennessee. Absolutely love it. I ordered 100. Finally something I can drink in the winter and it tastes so good and it's not bad for me.

        • 5
          No sweetener needed

          Posted by Janet M on Aug 8th 2013

          The deep hue of this tea is a hint of the punch of flavor it packs. I first tried it in a spa out of curiosity, but feel in love with with its intensity of citrus, blackberry tones and sweetness - without the use of sugar or honey.

        • 5
          Out of Stock Woes

          Posted by Janice on Aug 8th 2013

          Love the tea, but am getting frustrated with the length of time that Alpine Berry has been out of stock. When can we expect it to be restocked?

        • 5
          Buy Before it's Gone Again

          Posted by Laura on Aug 8th 2013

          One of our favorites .. very frustrated that it's out of stock so often!

        • 5
          Stock up!

          Posted by barbara on Aug 8th 2013

          This is one of my favorites! I first tasted on an out of town trip about 3-4 years ago and haven't stopped drinking it. I make large orders so that I don't run out.

        • 5
          Healthy Berry Tea

          Posted by Catherine on Aug 8th 2013

          I love this healthy, berry tea, that doesn't contain anything I'm allergic to. :)

        • 5
          Great discovery

          Posted by Linda on Aug 8th 2013

          This is the tea that turned me on to Two Leaves. I savored this after ordering it in a restaurant. Now it's my fave fruit tea.

        • 5
          Great Hot or Cold

          Posted by Crystal A on Aug 8th 2013

          I really loved the flavor of Alpine Berry. It was full of flavor and tasted great hot or cold.

        • 5
          Just right.

          Posted by Amanda on Aug 8th 2013

          Delightful with a slight tang. You taste just the sweetest essence of blackberry. The balance of flavors is just right for this tea. Warm, sweet, and enticing. Its like drinking a cuddle! : 7 )

        • 5
          Try It

          Posted by Linda on Aug 8th 2013

          This is the best tea you will find, if your not a tea drinker try it and you will be soon. Alpine Berry: lv lv lv it.

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