Two Leaves and a Bud - What's in a Name?

One thing we’ve always loved about our company name is how just mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to an informative conversation about tea, its origins, where it’s grown...

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Two Leaves and a Blog

holidays matcha recipe tea latte

Brown Sugar Matcha Latte

Kick your daily matcha latte up a notch by adding brown sugar. This one simple extra ingredient makes all the difference on ice or warm. Sweet perfection....

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holidays recipe tea latte

London (White) Hot Chocolate

Combining the best of both worlds of tea and dessert, this is a decadent twist on our London Fog latte. Choose dark or white chocolate...

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gift bundles gift guide gifts holidays tea latte

Getting Gift-TEA with Two Leaves and a Bud in 2023

If you’re anything like we are, dear tea lovers, you love giving gifts to the special people in your life, but you have become leery...

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chai matcha recipe tea latte turmeric

Three Tea Chocolate Recipes

A Whole Latte Chocolate Remember that stretch of pandemic times, 2020, when it seemed like everybody out there (in their own homes) was baking bread?...

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recipe tea health benefits tea latte

Turmeric Lattes for the Gold

The New York Times called it a “calming elixir," and sure, "Golden Milk" or a "Golden Latte" just sounds like something you should want, but...

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chai matcha recipe tea latte

How to Make a Chai Tea Latte

Craving a barista-quality Chai Tea Latte but staying closer to home these days? Follow these easy steps to make the perfect chai tea latte at...

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