Get Naked!

Naked 50s are perfect for those who are notoriously picky about their tea and their savings. With 50 whole leaf tea sachets per sleeve, it offers the best price per sachet – up to 40% savings over a box of 15!

Three of our best sellers are now available in a resealable pouch (no need to worry about freshness here!).  This tea is “naked”– stripped of its outer envelope, giving you all of the delicious, whole-leaf flavor with less waste. Less packaging means less impact on the environment and better savings for you. Everyone benefits!

If you love our Earl Grey, Jasmine, Tamayokucha, Mountain High Chai, Alpine Berry, or Assam, the Naked 50s are for you! 

Let’s Break it Down!

Did you know that our sachets and envelopes are compostable?   Two Leaves is particular about sourcing only plant based packaging materials so the full flavor stays in your cup and out of landfills. 


Explore more tea varieties

We like malty tea from Assam, moderately astringent Darjeeling, and matcha lattes that aren’t too sweet. We like it when the tea, herbs and spices in our tea sachets and latte mixes stand out and become the reason we look forward to the next sip. We’re particular about tea that comes from sustainable, organic gardens where the pluckers are paid fairly. We’re also particular about sourcing packaging that keeps our tea fresh but doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. 

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