Red Basket Teapot

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Yixing is known as the "pottery capital of China," 100 miles west of Shanghai, and is where the world's first teapots were made during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Pots made there to this day are prized for their style and special tea brewing qualities; no teapots made there are quite the same. Each pot has a personal "chop mark" on the bottom by an artist. To enjoy your pot, warm it with hot water several minutes before you adding tea leaves and boiling water. After use, rinse you pot with fresh water, rather than using soap, so that each of your upcoming pots of tea will have a unique flavor for years to come.

The small "basket weave" pattern of this red single serve teapot is handcrafted earthenware, and with continued use will develop a rich patina that enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea.



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