Paisley Organic Chai Tea

Feel like spicing things up with a big, bold chai tea? Our Paisley Organic Chai is organic black tea mixed with all of the traditional Indian spices like clove and cinnamon.

  • Fair Trade
  • KSA Kosher
  • USDA Organic
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Organic black tea blended with traditional Indian spices creates an exotic, spicy tea. It’s bold enough for you to sit up and take notice, but is also happy to be smoothed out with milk or sweetener.
Paisley Label Tea Organic Chai was a 2nd place winner in the North American Tea Championship's 2013 Packaged Single-Service Class competition.
Contains 20 individually wrapped paper tea bags. Boxes are compostable or recyclable. The filter paper of the tea bag is made with a wood pulp that has gone through a chlorine-free bleaching process, and its biodegradability is ranked as excellent. Without a staple on our tea bags, you can toss the entire thing — bag, string, tag and all — straight into the compost. The only thing you cannot toss in your compost bin are the paper envelopes, which are coated with a polyethylene sealant on the inside. We do this to keep our high quality tea as fresh as we can, because superior taste makes our tea worth drinking.
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Organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic orange peel, natural flavor
Origin: India
How to Brew
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Steeping Directions

Use 12oz filtered water per teabag.

Pour fulling boiling water over teabag.

Steep 3 minutes.

Brewing Tips

Steamed milk and a dash of honey can turn your chai tea into a luxurious latte.

Take these with you when you travel as it will still brew a good cuppa' in that not-so-hot (often coffee-flavored) water they give you on the airplane.

Add a couple teabags into your pot when cooking rice or grains.

Add a tea bag to melted butter, warmed oil or melted clarified butter (ghee). Cover and steep for several minutes before removing the tea. Delicious with grain dishes, fish and vegetables.

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