Organic White Strawberry Tea

Organic White Strawberry Tea

White tea is subtle and smooth, and we've blended this one with a hint of strawberry for a velvety cuppa' that's fruit forward, fragrant and naturally sweet.

4oz (50+ cups of tea)

  • KSA Kosher
  • Light Buzz
  • USDA Organic
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Because we use organic freeze dried strawberries and safflower with this tea, the fruit and floral notes are never overpowering — which means they pair perfectly with high quality, smooth white tea. Sip this one all day! 4oz (50+ cups of tea)
Organic White Tea, Organic Freeze Dried Strawberries, Organic Safflower, Natural Flavors
How to Brew
Steeping Directions

Use 15oz filtered water per 1 heaping Tbsp tea.

Heat water to 165˚F and pour over tea in infuser.

Steep 4 minutes.

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