Lino Mug

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Richard (our CEO and Founder) says: I am notoriously picky about my porcelain, just like I am with tea. The Lino mug is my favorite “daily driver.”  It is the exact right size for a nice strong cuppa, has a wonderful feel in your hand, and has a nice, soft-feeling porcelain glaze finish. It was originally designed for coffee shops so it is the exact right size for a great pour-over coffee as well. (My little secret – I love coffee too!)

Meticulously designed, the Lino features a thick base to retain heat, an elegant rim, and a comfortable and sturdy handle. It even has a resting place for the thumb that allows the cup to balance effortlessly in the hand. 

It is made in Sri Lanka by artisans who care about their porcelain as much as we care about your tea!

Available in 6 different colors.

Color White

Notoriously Picky?

So are we. We pluck only the freshest and tastiest part of the tea plant – the top two leaves and a bud. We start with the best tea from top-quality organic gardens and blend only with natural flavors to deliver a rich, real tea experience in our easy-to-use, plant-based, compostable eco-sachets. From plant to compost, we’re committed to great organic tea that is easy to brew and light on the planet. 

So put the kettle on, grab your favorite mug, and embrace your inner tea nerd. 

Plant-based packaging

Our boxes of tea and everything in them are either recyclable or compostable. Our pyramid tea sachets and wrap are made with what may look like plastic but is actually Polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is plant-based, petroleum-free, and is certified compostable. Often, our sachets and wraps are backyard compostable, but as composting conditions can vary, you can always look for a commercial composting facility in your area.

The gift of tea

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There’s no better gift for your tea-loving tribe than a beautiful box of amazing tea. Or treat yourself to a tea gift (yes, self-gifting is a thing) and find your perfect cup of tea.

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