$1 Tea Sampler Special Offer

Who doesn’t love an (almost) free sample?

Take us up on this limited time offer to get four of our most popular sachets of delicious whole leaf tea for only $1 with free shipping! We’re charging a buck to keep the free-stuff Internet robots at bay, but don’t be deterred — we’ll also send you a coupon code for your next order if you sign up for Tea-Mail. That’s just how much we like getting to know fellow tea lovers. Cheers!

Offer valid for new customers only. The four flavors will be a mix of our best-selling Black, Green and Herbal teas.


More than a Perfect Cup

Plant sprouting

Our Tea

We’re notoriously picky about our tea, so we pluck only the freshest and tenderest part of the tea plant — the top two leaves and the bud. We skip artificial additives to focus on a rich, real tea experience.


Our Packaging

Since our founding in 2004, our commercially compostable eco-sachets have been plant-based and petroleum-free. We keep it fresh (pun intended!) in distinctive clear sleeves that decompose.