We’ve said adieu to our phone support.

We take our tea personally, and we love our fans as much as we love a good cup of tea. So we thought long and hard about you, dear tea fan, before making the decision to retire our phone support. Here’s why we decided it was the right choice.
We now have a few first-rate, highly-trained people ready to handle emails accurately, rather than a larger amount of moderately-trained people handling phones.
Emails are simple to document. We review all digital correspondence to learn how we can improve our product, service, website, and company.
We want to be able to answer your questions and concerns with friendly precision, but some issues need further research before replying. When corresponding via email, we can fully research the issue and provide a clear answer right away, rather than putting you on hold.
Even when we offered phone support, the majority of our customers chose to chat online or email us. Nobody likes to be transferred around anyway.
We hope this makes sense to you. If you find our online customer service doesn’t meet your expectations, we want to know, and hope you’ll give us the opportunity to improve. We aim for blissful tea experiences, from your purchase to your tastebuds.