At Two Leaves and a Bud, we are keenly aware that tea lovers are concerned about the environment because we share those concerns! We strive to make our tea and packaging environmentally friendly, despite added costs.

Two Leaves and a Bud Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

To minimize waste, our sachets are made with a plant-based material, not petroleum, that will biodegrade in a moist, hot compost rich with microorganisms. (So home composts likely will not provide the needed environment for the decomposition of these sachets.) This material is safe and nontoxic and doesn’t break down or melt in hot water.

The best way to keep the tea fresh and flavorful is to individually package our sachets. Half of our teas are wrapped in envelopes that are certified compostable, the other half use a material designed to decompose. Why two different materials, you ask? Our teas are packed in two different locations based on where they are sourced to reduce transport miles and time from garden to packaging (to keep our tea super fresh), and our packing facilities use different materials for the clear envelopes based on their equipment and resources. Super-geeks: read all the technical details about those materials here, and yeah, we think it’s pretty interesting too!

Paisley Label Teas in Traditional Teabags

For our Paisley collection, the filter paper of the tea bag is made with a wood pulp that has gone through a chlorine-free bleaching process, and its biodegradability is excellent. Without a staple on the tea bag, you can toss the entire thing — bag, string, tag and all — straight into the compost. The only thing you cannot toss in your compost bin are the paper envelopes, which are coated with a polyethylene sealant on the inside. We do this to keep our high-quality tea as fresh as we can, because superior taste makes our tea worth drinking. Finally, the tea boxes are coated with a water-based coating so they remain compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

We realize these are not perfect solutions, but consider them preferable when evaluated against the alternatives, like foil-lined envelopes – which are neither compostable nor recyclable – used by many tea companies. Even though we are a small company and a tiny user of this type of product, we know our choices make an impact, and so do yours!

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