Organic Tamayokucha

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A note from the founder/ CEO: This tea goes back to the first days of Two Leaves. I wanted an awesome Japanese Green Tea, one that was actually green in the cup, sweet, rich, but not too strong and bitter. So many green teas in the US are just not that great. When I first approached tea suppliers and told them that I wanted a tea of this quality to go into a tea sachet they told me I was crazy. “Americans don’t like this quality of green tea," they said. One grower didn’t even want to sell us! He would only sell me his tea when I reassured him that we would strictly maintain the quality of the packing to keep the tea fresh.

This incredible green tea has a sweet, light flavor…never bitter. The tea leaves are gently steamed as they dry, for a beautiful green hue you’ll enjoy seeing in your cup and savoring on your tongue.
Organic green tea
Caffeine Level:
Light Buzz
light buzz, 1/3 cup of coffee
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Heat water to 180˚F and pour over sachet.
Steep 3+ minutes.
Tea Type:
Package Type:
Origin: China
Avoid scalding this tea with boiling water.
Unlike our Jasmine, you can give this tea a good, long steep and not worry about it becoming bitter.
Great tea for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Store your tea away from heat and light. This is a delicate green tea that could even stand to be stored in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation and photo-degradation. Just don't store it next to the onions: tea absorbs odor.



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        • 4
          Good Lasting Flavor

          Posted by Glenn on May 7th 2020

          Nice and smooth without the bitterness that many green teas have when steeping too long.

        • 5
          Perfect afternoon pick-me-up

          Posted by LG on Apr 30th 2020

          This one is my new favorite for green tea in a sachet. I like the mild, sweet flavor. The aroma is delicious. I will definitely be buying this one again.

        • 3
          Good average green tea

          Posted by Brick on Aug 10th 2019

          A decent mild green tea. I was expecting a fuller taste, but it is advertised as a light flavor tea, and that it is.

        • 5
          green tea

          Posted by Bill on Dec 19th 2018

          My opinion is this is some of the best green tea you can buy.

        • 4
          Tamayokucha is nice

          Posted by Maryna Verchenova on May 13th 2018

          Nice light flavor green tea.

        • 4
          wonderful tea

          Posted by Richard on Apr 14th 2017

          Really nice green tea. It's all Two Leaves says and more. Nice aromas and taste. Try it.....

        • 5
          Mild, pleasant

          Posted by Sarah on Mar 18th 2017

          The flavor is fairly subtle, but nonetheless fresh and bright tasting, there's no bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste so for those that aren't a fan of strong green tea this is a great choice. Personally, I wish it had a little more body to it but that's just my preference and nothing against the product

        • 5

          Posted by Maryclare on Jan 16th 2017

          I have been a tea drinker for over 30 years.... Two Leaves & a Bud Tamayokucha is by far one of the most amazing green teas I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!!! I recently purchased the box of 100... Love it !! :)

        • 5
          Best Green Tea

          Posted by Tiffany on Apr 26th 2016

          I'm not a huge plain green tea fan, but I actually really like this tea! The taste isn't too overpowering.

        • 5
          My favorite tea

          Posted by Joel on Apr 24th 2016

          It's mild and very green tasting.

        • 5
          Great tea to drink all day

          Posted by Peg on Dec 22nd 2015

          I chose to buy the 100 bag deal for this after having it a few times at a local Saxby's. I love it! I have a couple of cups throughout the day at work and sometimes one at home as well. It is delicious by itself or with a dab of honey. I also think the packaging is super cute. 5/5 leaves would buy again.

        • 5
          Awesome tea!!

          Posted by Stephanie on Nov 12th 2015

          Greatest Green Tea I've had by far!! Not bitter in taste or astringent to the mouth. Very light and refreshing!!! Love love love!!!

        • 5
          Flavorful with No Bitterness!

          Posted by Nicolette on Sep 2nd 2015

          I first encountered Two Leaves Tea at my Community College. I was having a rough day and decided to get a cup of tea. I ended up getting this tea every day that I had class because it was so refreshing. I am buying my first box of the loose tea for myself because I am going through withdrawal since I have since moved away. Can't wait until it arrives!

        • 5
          I love this tea!!

          Posted by Janet on Aug 6th 2015

          This is my favorite tea. I love the taste of this green tea. It does not have the usual bitter taste that green teas can have. I drink two cups daily to start my day at work. In the evening I have a cup of organic Bau Mu Dan which is my other favorite.

        • 5
          great taste

          Posted by Theresa on Jan 29th 2015

          This and jasmine petal are my two favourite green teas. This one is great because it's bold with subtle sweetness.

        • 4
          light and full of subtle flavour

          Posted by Theresa on Sep 21st 2014

          Love this tea! It's light and full of subtle flavour! Hard to find a green tea this good.

        • 5
          Not Bitter

          Posted by Brandon on Aug 8th 2013

          The best Green Tea I've ever had, smooth with no bitter flavor you generally get with Green Tea.

        • 5
          Great Taste

          Posted by Helen on Aug 8th 2013

          I drink this wonderful tea every day. I love it. It has a great taste

        • 5
          Hunted this tea down

          Posted by Lawry on Aug 8th 2013

          Had the green tea at Earl's Restaurant in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Thought it was awesome. Tried everywhere to find it in Vancouver but to no avail. Found it in a small shop in Langley, BC. TERRIFIC !!

        • 5
          Better quality

          Posted by Shannon on Aug 8th 2013

          This is the first green tea that I ever bought for myself and drank continuously after reading about the health benefits. I'm no expert on green tea, but I can tell you that when I tried switching to a cheaper brand I could immediately see and taste the difference. You get what you pay for!

        • 5
          The best green tea I've ever had

          Posted by Kathy on Aug 8th 2013

          I tried this in our local restaurant, and they sold me some. I love it. Usually green tea can be brewed for such a short time due to getting bitter.

        • 5

          Posted by Elizabeth on Aug 8th 2013

          Perhaps the company would rather I didn't say this, but the fact is that even a very light brew of Tamayokucha has excellent flavor

        • 5

          Posted by kivy on Aug 8th 2013

          I love this - but I mix half this and half mint for a really lovely mint tea. It gives a sweet hint to the brew.

        • 5
          It's love

          Posted by Edie on Aug 8th 2013

          I don't even know where to start. I think I may be in love (with this tea). Tried green tea in the past and hated it. Ordered some green tea at a coffee shop down the street and it was so good I had to ask what brand they used. They gave me the bag it came it. Turned out to be this. Hunted it down and bought a box at Whole Foods. I have been calling all my friends and telling them about it. I tend to be sort of a compulsive eater. Not once since I started drinking this stuff. Have not craved coffee one time either.

        • 5
          The flavor is PERFECT.

          Posted by SIOBHAN on Aug 8th 2013

          I LOVE THIS TEA!!!! It has replaced my favorite green tea. A balance of fresh grassy flavor, nuttiness, is the BEST.

        • 5
          Using 4+ boxes/month

          Posted by Curtis on Aug 8th 2013

          Without a doubt the best green tea I've ever tasted, and now I've had the better rest, it's just as wonderful. I tell everyone I now about this tea, and I buy at least 4 boxes a month at my local vitamin cottage! cant wait to try more varieties!

        • 5
          Where Can I Buy?

          Posted by m.saunter on Aug 8th 2013

          Where can I buy this most wonderful heavenly, smooth, delightful healing-feeling-in-the-tummy tea? This would be the best high tea time ever for me. First time I tried it and now how can buy it in Alberta in Edmonton or Calgary. A great two leaves and a bud green tea. I can't wait to buy it, but where?

        • 5
          tastes great without sugar

          Posted by Ruben on Aug 8th 2013

          I've tried several green teas, mainly for the health benefits, but I never really liked the taste of them. This is the first green tea I've tried that I actually drink for the flavor. It's light and tastes great even without sugar.

        • 3

          Posted by Gaye on Aug 8th 2013

          Everything would be great if the tea bags were not placed within plastic bags and also the paper was not glued to the tea sachet. I am very disappointed with my purchase. I couldn't even taste the tea. What glue are you using, can you please tell me? Thank you.

        • 4

          Posted by Fenlain on Aug 8th 2013

          A nice, light green with a fresh flavor and nice energy boost

        • 5
          Not bitter

          Posted by Bettie on Aug 8th 2013

          I LOVE this tea. I do not like bitter tea. It is tasty, soothing, and yummy.

        • 5

          Posted by Diane on Aug 8th 2013

          my favorite!

        • 5
          best green tea out there

          Posted by Matt on Aug 8th 2013

          I always buy it loose. It's not only great as a hot tea, it's equally awesome as iced tea. I usually make some in my Iced Tea maker with sugar in the summer and as hot tea (sans sugar) in the winter. Great for an energy boost or to cure that lazy hangover. I just ran out this morning and got on here to order some more!

        • 5
          buy the 100g cylinder

          Posted by Erik on Aug 8th 2013

          I LOVE this tea. It's one of my favorites. One thing though: you get more tea for your money buying the 100g cylinder over the 1/2lb bag. That seems weird. It should be less money per ounce the more you buy, right?

        • 5
          Makes you feel good

          Posted by Jamie on Aug 8th 2013

          I tried this tea at my local coffee shop and was instantly in love! I immediately had to find it! Perfect green tea, never bitter.

        • 5
          A winner in my house

          Posted by Diana on Aug 8th 2013

          This tea is amazing...a lot of green teas are bitter tasting but this green tea is mild and yummy tasting...a true winner in my household...

        • 5

          Posted by KS on Aug 8th 2013

          I am native Japanese, I got this brand's tea at local shop today and saw that it says Tamayokucha. I know what's Tamaryokucha ( but I wonder how they named Tamayokucha. just mistake? or any purpose?

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