Organic Lavender Earl Grey

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The taste of Earl Grey — black tea with a light bergamot citrus finish — is legendary, so we're upping the ante with 100% organic lavender flowers. We think it makes the famous flavor refreshing, slightly sweet and certainly memorable!

4oz (40+ cups of tea)

Organic Black Tea, Organic Lavender Flowers, Natural Bergamot Flavoring
Can your next cuppa' Earl Grey be even more decadent, since it includes lavender flowers? An unexpected twist on one of your favorites that you'll enjoy adding to your tea repertoire.
Caffeine Level:
Some Buzz
some buzz, 1/2 cup of coffee
Use 15oz filtered water per 1 heaping tsp tea.
Pour fulling boiling water over tea in infuser.
Steep 3 minutes.
USDA Organic
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        • 5

          Posted by Lucina Hoover on Apr 21st 2020

          The flavor is exquisite. My favorite until now.

        • 4
          trying to recreate magic...

          Posted by Unknown on Apr 18th 2020

          Lovely earl grey but unfortunately I don't get the lavender flavor. I had purchased this after having an excellent lavender earl grey latte at a cafe. Since that had a tea bag with this company's name I got this to recreate it. Perhaps that cafe used their regular earl grey and added their own lavender?

        • 4
          Also nice iced

          Posted by Anonymous on Dec 25th 2019

          Nice flavor - do not let it steep for too long or else the flavor is a bit intense. Great as ice tea as well. Will order again.

        • 5
          Best Earl Grey Available

          Posted by Gemini825 on Aug 6th 2019

          The only tea I drink is Earl Grey and this is by far the best one I've ever had

        • 3
          Too Much Lavender

          Posted by Sophia on Jan 27th 2019

          So, I normally LOVE Earl Grey. It's one of my go-tos when I want a flavored black tea. I also LOVE lavender. Lavender soda, lavender cookies, lavender lotion, etc. With this one, I think they went a little too far with the lavender.

          When I made this the first time, the fragrance was nice, but the lavender scent was a bit overpowering. Since lavender can be a very powerful smell, I didn't think anything of it until I took my first sip. I felt like I was drinking lavender soap, the lavender was that strong. I know it's not the Earl Grey because I have that one as well and it tastes wonderful.

          I'm going to try mixing it with a regular Earl Grey and hope it tones down the lavender.

        • 5
          Best ever

          Posted by Jan on Nov 20th 2016

          I have loved Earl Grey for many, many years. Then I discovered your Organic Earl Grey and I couldn't believe how good it is. Then you came out with LAVENDER Earl Grey and my pleasure in drinking tea has gone through the roof!!! My only problem is that it seems to be sold out when I want to buy it. Please try to keep it in stock. You will keep a lot of us happier.

        • 5
          The nicest Earl Grey

          Posted by JANET on Jul 22nd 2016

          It is worth the shipping cost to Australia to have this Lavender Earl Grey tea. It is delicious, delicate & delightful anytime of the day.

        • 5
          Best Tea I've Ever Had

          Posted by Louise on Jul 6th 2016

          I already love Earl Grey, but I decided to go with a loose leaf version to try it out. This is hands down one of the most flavorful and delicious teas I have ever had. Will definitely buy again!

        • 5

          Posted by Patricia on Apr 12th 2016

          So full of lovely lavender and Bergamot notes for both your nose AND tastebuds- I am very impressed with this tea!! Yumminess in a cup - it will become a regular staple for me. Where the regular organic Earl Grey tea failed to impress, this made up for it hands down. Amazing!!! Please never stop making this tea, she asked selfishly.

        • 5

          Posted by Haley on Apr 11th 2015

          This is a beautiful tea. The first thing you taste is the black tea and lavender and then as you're about to swallow, the familiar bergamot flavor of earl grey hits. The lavender is not overpowering at all. I absolutely love this tea, I will be buying again.

        • 5
          I have bought this one a few times.

          Posted by Brittany on Jun 21st 2014

          Earl Grey is my favorite of all teas, and when I discovered Two Leaves' Lavender Earl Grey, I swooned. This is my fave...I really didn't think there could be a better tea out there.

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