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For work or play, we've gathered ingredients to help boost your energy while keeping stamina in mind. Green tea provides the right amount of caffeine (not too much) for get-up-and-go; ginseng helps with focus and lowers stress; and ginger is an anti-inflammatory that reduces weakness and fatigue. Go get 'em!

1% of sales of our Purpose-Filled Tea is donated to Protect Our Winters (POW) - a purpose we believe in.

Organic green tea, organic ginger, natural flavor, organic orange oil, organic ginseng root
Purpose-Filled Teas
Caffeine Level:
Light Buzz
little buzz, 1/3 cup of coffee
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Heat water to 180˚F and pour over sachet.
Steep 3-5 minutes.
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Tea Type:
Tea Type:
Package Type:
Orange and pineapple give this tea a tasty, tropical fruit edge. It finishes with a pleasant green tea astringency.
Origin: China, Europe
Try infusing in cool water: Just pop a sachet in your water bottle. It will take some time for the flavor to develop, but feel free to start sipping immediately.
Use as an all-natural, calorie-free pre-workout. (Green tea boost + ginseng for focus + ginger to combat weakness and fatigue.)
Use filtered water for best results. Minerals in the water can neutralize flavor.
Steep for 2 min, then start sipping every 30 seconds until you find the sweet spot - your ideal flavor. Remove the sachet.



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        • 3
          Nice tea

          Posted by Claudia on Apr 30th 2019

          The idea on paper is soo good but it wasn't that memorable, the pineapple was barely there. Still a nice tea for an afternoon

        • 5

          Posted by Tom on Feb 23rd 2019

          This green tea is fantastic. This is the only green tea I drink now.

        • 5
          Love it

          Posted by Angie G on May 5th 2018

          I have 4 favorite teas here this is one of them. It's perfect for a pick Me up

        • 5
          Good Flavor

          Posted by Ani on Jul 15th 2017

          I really enjoy the flavor of this tea, but better cold infused. I can definitely taste the pineapple, and for me, with this type of fruit, the tea is better tasting cold. Everyone has individual tastes, though, so try it out either way and see what suits you. It does give you that little boost of energy. Just perfect enough for people who don't/can't drink much coffee, like me.

        • 5

          Posted by Jess on May 24th 2017

          Not sure that I have ever felt "energized" but it is really delicious! Especially with a little bit of honey. I will definitely be ordering more.

        • 5

          Posted by Reg on Jan 23rd 2017

          Has a great smell to it that finishes with a great taste. Very refreshing, smooth, and a tea that can I can drink all day. The pineapple and orange balance the green tea well without overpowering it.

        • 5
          My new favorite

          Posted by MaryEdith on Nov 16th 2016

          Some people worry about green tea because it tastes grassy. This one doesn't. It is super-delicious, very smooth and refreshing. The hints of orange and ginger give me an energy boost. I will definitely be ordering this again.

        • 5
          Very Drinkable, Smooth, and Delicious

          Posted by Leesa on Nov 1st 2016

          I'm so exited to find a tea that provides a delicious pick me up with only a portion of the caffeine of coffee. I served my sample up hot. The orange and pineapple gives a slightly sweet taste that was easy to drink and not at all bitter. Even better there was no need to add sugar. I will definitely include in my next order.

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