Organic Assam Loose

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Sure, you can sip Assam for breakfast. We encourage it. But we're not going to call this tea the classic "English Breakfast," because that typically refers to a blend of lesser quality teas. These are big, black, organic tea leaves grown in Assam, India, where hot days and cool nights bring out a rich, full flavor.

8oz / 227grams (85+ cups of tea)

Bulk Tea Sleeve
Assam tea is famous for its lush flavor and amber color. Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield multi-layered "malty" flavor.
Organic Black Tea
Caffeine Level:
Some Buzz
some buzz, 1/2 cup of coffee
Use 15oz filtered water per 1 heaping tsp tea.
Pour fulling boiling water over tea in infuser.
Steep 4 minutes.
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
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        • 5
          Best Tea

          Posted by Doug on Jun 17th 2020

          We have been drinking tea for more than 50 years and this is the best tea we have encountered. It is our exclusive morning drink.

        • 5
          Organic Loose Leaf Assam

          Posted by Judy on Mar 31st 2020

          Love this! Very good value and great flavor! So glad I tried it.

        • 5

          Posted by Unknown on Feb 18th 2020

          This tea is amazing

        • 5
          Love it

          Posted by scorey on Feb 10th 2020

          I love this tea. I have been drinking the Organic Assam Loose for some time now and it's my current favorite.

        • 5
          Best Tea

          Posted by Doug on Jan 17th 2020

          The loose Assam is even better than the bagged.

        • 5

          Posted by Milan Starcic on Nov 21st 2019

          This tea is delicious, strong and so tasty we ordered the first time we tasted it!!

        • 5
          Simply Fantastic

          Posted by Rob on Nov 23rd 2018

          I've been drinking this exact tea, no pollutants or additions (other than a lump of sugar) for years. Of all the teas I've sampled over the years, the vast majority pale in comparison. It has an appealing aroma as you pour through a French press, or whatever you use for preparing your cuppa. I enjoy that deep, rich aroma again, when it hits my nose as I raise the cup to my lips. It gives a nice full body that gives that full mouth feel that is so satisfying first thing in the morning, with no bitter aftertaste. The kicker is it's pure ORGANIC tea! Nothing hidden away in there, YOU control what's going in your body, not some company! This tea tastes good enough not to need to be paired with other additives like berries, spices, herbs, etc.. As an illustration of how dedicated I am to this tea, I'm no longer allowed coffee and this is my go-to alternative. I carry it with me when I travel, as I hate the paper taste of tea bags and the low quality of the teas offered. I recognize a dedicated tea drinker is not the norm in the morning, and therefore do not expect I'll be catered to with high quality teas. Consequently, I must be self-sufficient. Two Leaves brings a fine product to the market place and for me personally it is always my first choice!

        • 5
          Love this tea!

          Posted by Andrew on Oct 9th 2018

          My wife and I have been drinking Assam tea for quite a few years. It is our favorite black tea. And this particular Assam has become our new favorite!

        • 5
          Organic Assam Tea

          Posted by Patricia Carter on Feb 24th 2018

          I have been a loose leaf tea brewer/iced tea drinker for about 75 yrs. I use no lemon, no sugar-just straight tea. No tea bags. I'm a purist

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