Paisley Organic Ginger Green Tea

Organic Ginger Green Tea takes ginger root to a new dimension in this fragrant, memorable, snappy tea. Ginger and green tea have long been revered for their health properties; if you fancy both, this is your cuppa’ tea.

  • Fair Trade
  • KSA Kosher
  • Light Buzz
  • USDA Organic
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Organic ginger, lemongrass, and licorice root make this a snappy, bright, slightly sweet green tea.
Contains 20 individually wrapped paper tea bags. Boxes are compostable or recyclable. The filter paper of the tea bag is made with a wood pulp that has gone through a chlorine-free bleaching process, and its biodegradability is ranked as excellent. Without a staple on our tea bags, you can toss the entire thing — bag, string, tag and all — straight into the compost. The only thing you cannot toss in your compost bin are the paper envelopes, which are coated with a polyethylene sealant on the inside. We do this to keep our high quality tea as fresh as we can, because superior taste makes our tea worth drinking.
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Organic green tea, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic licorice root, natural flavor
Origin: China
How to Brew
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Steeping Directions

Use 12oz filtered water per teabag.

Heat water to 180˚F and pour over teabag.

Steep 3 minutes.

Brewing Tips

Refreshing on the rocks! Brew two teabags per 12 oz. hot water and pour over ice.

Add a couple teabags into your pot when cooking rice or grains.

Strong-brew, chill, then use in smoothies.

Great with sushi and Chinese food.

Poach apples or pears in this tea for breakfast, snack or dessert.

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