Organic Darjeeling Limited Loose Tea

When we said "limited" we meant it!  

Oh no! Our current stock of delicious Organic Darjeeling Limited Loose Tea is close to its best-by date.

We stamp each of our tea lots with a date that indicates when that tea will be at its best. But don't worry, since the date is really just a "best-by" date, and not an expiration date, this tea is still great to drink! Tea never goes "bad" and it is good to drink and completely safe past its best-by date.

Now is your chance to pick up this delicious loose-tea blend at an incredible savings!

Created by our founder and CEO, Richard, this flavorful and limited blend consists of Organic Darjeeling teas from various harvests, flushes and gardens. It’s balanced, astringent. Read all about this tea in our blog.


  • KSA Kosher
  • Moderate Buzz
  • USDA Organic
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This Organic blend is comprised of Darjeeling tea from different estates and flushes, creating a unique cuppa. You’ll experience delicate notes of green tea, sharp astringency, and deeply satisfying black tea flavor, all in one sip.
The Darjeeling teas are plucked from the steep slopes below the snow-clad Himalayan ranges. The hilly terrain and cool mountain temperatures deeply impact the flavor.
8oz/227g (makes 90 servings at 2.5g each)
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Organic Black Tea
How to Brew
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Steeping Directions

Use 15oz filtered water per 1.5 tsp tea.

Pour fulling boiling water over tea in infuser.

Steep 4 minutes.

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