Four Seasons Oolong Loose Tea
Four Seasons Oolong Loose Tea
Four Seasons Oolong Loose Tea
Four Seasons Oolong Loose Tea

Four Seasons Oolong Loose Tea

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Cultivated in the high mountains of Taiwan, this sweet and earthy green oolong is bright and grassy upfront with a delicate floral finish. A wonderful, everyday tea!

4oz / 114g sleeve

Green Tea

  1. Use 15oz filtered water per 1 heaping tsp (3g) tea.
  2. Pour lightly boiling water (200°F) over tea in infuser.
  3. Steep 4 minutes.

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  • Origin


  • Caffeine

    Light Buzz

  • Water

    Light boil
    180°F / 75°C

  • Steep

    4 minutes

Notoriously picky? 

So are we. We pluck only the freshest and tastiest part of the tea plant – the top two leaves and a bud. We start with the best tea from top-quality organic gardens and blend only with natural flavors to deliver a rich, real tea experience in our easy-to-use, plant-based, compostable eco-sachets. From plant to compost, we’re committed to great organic tea that is easy to brew and light on the planet. 

So put the kettle on, grab your favorite mug, and embrace your inner tea nerd. 

Plant-based packaging

Our commercially compostable eco-sachet and wrap are plant-based and petroleum free, and are specially designed to keep tea fresh and flavorful.

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