The Team

In an office like ours, the electric kettle works overtime and staff meetings are gatherings around a rainbow assortment of mugs. Maybe all that group tea consumption is why we like each other so much?

Richard rosenfeld

Founder & CEO

As our "Chief Tea Officer" Richard makes sure our tea is worth drinking on a daily basis, and says it's a pain because he's never satisfied. His pain is your gain, tea lovers.

Bess Hammer

National Sales Manager

If you've ever gotten a hug from us at a trade show, it was probably courtesy of Bess! She loves nurturing our relationships in the field and has been at it since 2005.

Jen Okeson

National Sales Manager

Jen spreads the word (and taste) of our tea on the East Coast, where she helps cafes, restaurants, hotels and distributors make the most of their tea programs.

Dena Albright

Imports and Purchasing Manager

With her exotic-sounding title, Dena plans bulk tea purchases and global shipping. She has a good head for numbers and tries to keep tea in stock. Easier said than done!

Gigi Durand


Gigi puts the "p" in comptroller ... whatever that means. She's worked for this company since before it began — that's how good she is at being our "accounts payable princess," according to her husband.

Christy Garfield

Marketing Manager

Christy manages the brand and works with the sales team to bring new products to market. She most loves helping with product development, which is a fancy way of saying tasting new tea.

Megan Kranzler

Sales & Training Associate

Megan thrives at helping shop owners find the best products for their businesses, and she would know — she says she needs both coffee (Americano) and tea (iced green or rooibos) every day to survive.

Tessa Lagunas

Customer Care/Graphic Design

Tessa enjoys interacting with and helping our customers, as well as finding solutions to any design problem. Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, she says the mountains here stole her heart, and we can relate to that.

Hannah Paradise

Customer Care Supervisor

Hannah handles all the wholesale orders, answers customer inquiries, and deftly addresses any issues that arise (not that that ever happens). When she answers the phone, you're in good hands.

Chloé Shirley

Graphic Design

Chloe is the self-taught talent who finds ways to make our words and images shake hands. She's also our Matcha Guru, so she gets first dibs at the “good stuff” when samples arrive.

Lindsay Winkler

Accounting Officer

Lindsay works with Gigi to keep our financials nice and tidy, and handles a million other tasks that fall on her desk. When she escapes to Mexico now and then, it's well deserved.

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